Dundee injured war veteran fighting for Disability Allowance

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By KATIE SMYTH, 25 January 2013 

A Dundee veteran who lost his leg in a bomb blast in Afghanistan is appealing a decision to deny him vital financial support. 

Sam Morgan D C Thomson

Black Watch Private Sam Morgan served in Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan before he was injured when the armoured vehicle he was driving hit an explosive device.

The blast left him with a fractured heel bone, a broken ankle and a deep cut to the side of his foot, which repeatedly became infected.

Medics fought for two years to save Sam’s foot but in 2011 the decision was taken to amputate below his knee.

Despite the day-to-day problems Sam suffers, he has been denied Disability Living Allowance after the Department for Work and Pensions told him his disability does not merit help, claiming he is not unable to walk when using suitable aids.

He had previously received £54 a week, but a letter from the service said:

“Using suitable aids, you are not unable or virtually unable to walk.”

The 30-year-old is appealing the decision in a bid to get his benefits reinstated.

“I was first told I was losing it the other week and I was a bit down and pretty gutted,”

Sam said.

“The appeal went in a couple of days ago and I’m just waiting to hear back from them whether they are going to agree with it or not.”

Sam said the amputation has totally changed his life.

“Before it happened I was fit and healthy and running around quite happy,”

he said.

“Now running doesn’t really happen. I get a lot of back problems and it has totally changed my life.

“Now I feel let down that I’m not getting the help I need.”

Sam, who also relies on an Army pension, is unable to work because of his injury.

He said:

“The Disability Living Allowance really helped me.

“I can’t get a full-time job because I can’t stand up for long and I can’t walk far.

“But it is more than the money. I was in the Army fighting for my country and now 
I feel like I am being pushed aside.”

The appeal process has been a case of filling out more forms but Sam said he did not see why he should have to justify his need for DLA.

A spokeswoman for DWP said in cases where people are not happy with the decision made their case is reviewed. However, last night Sam had still not heard if his benefits were being reinstated.

Major Ronnie Proctor of the Black Watch Association said the organisation would back him, adding:

“We would take up the cause if he has not been treated fairly. That’s what the Black Watch Association is for, supporting our veterans.”

2 thoughts on “Dundee injured war veteran fighting for Disability Allowance

  1. LM says:

    If this man appeals and is awarded DLA,he`ll have to go through it all again when P.I.P is introduced later this year. Lets hope he doesn`t have a “spare” bedroom and wont have to deal with the bedroom tax on top of this.

  2. Boadacia! says:

    Such are the lessons of patriotism and who one might actually be laying one’s life down for.

    Fighting for people that wouldn’t urinate on one if set alight, isn’t too rewarding.

    This isn’t the first time those in power have denied any responsibility whatsoever to those that protect their arses! WWI & II saw similar. Maybe some, or with hope, – many, will eventually learn this?

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