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  1. jeffery davies says:

    it makes me mad that they can get away with it but they there to protect all but theirs has been to look after the rich whilst taking monies away fro the poor who cant afford it so its the little people who feel their love of the tory party who cameroon says hes looking after those who need it bah we all now iys bull and their cause is to look after their mates ,to those who say the torys are doing a good job wake up and look about theres loads dying because of them .where are our bishops catholic and cofe protestants were are you showing them that their love is killing thousands of disabled sick homelessness why dont you cry out if jesus threw the money men out why cant you follow him also doing the same to this lot were money means more than life its a pity that you can show us that christianity stills lives but then are you supping with the devil yourselfs jeff3

  2. Humanity2012 says:

    The Poxy Stinking System of Bureaucracy Paperwork and Wait Wait Wait Pahlava
    is Responsible together with Empty Buildings Not being Put to Usage

    Councils and Politicians have a Lot to Answer For just like the I Am All Right Scum
    Out There

    A Crime against Humanity

  3. Serenity says:

    A high percentage of homeless men are ex military it’s a disgrace beyond shame for this country there finest young men used and abused and left too rot!
    Not only this but homelessness is going too rocket from April what has this country become no better than a third world world dictatorship, I think even they probably treat their ex military with more respect!

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