VIDEO: Owen Jones savages the Coalition’s ‘Promises’ on BBC News Channel 9th January 2013

Clegg pinnPartisan?

That would be the BBC’s presenter – they always brief for the Coalition and reinforce error rather than exposing and challenging it!

We all know why Clegg crossed the road – because he pledged NOT to!


Camm Pinnochio

Well done, Owen Jones, Comrade! 

7 thoughts on “VIDEO: Owen Jones savages the Coalition’s ‘Promises’ on BBC News Channel 9th January 2013

  1. jed goodright says:

    interviewer = knob

    excellent summary by Jones – leaves the MiliBilie Boys standing and as for Balls, well, honestly.

    we need a new opposition to this coalition – one that is clever, intelligent and able to present the case for the people of this country befor eit’s too late

  2. Brian F Kirkham says:

    Just watched the Video of Nick Clegg on Londons LBC with Nick Ferrari….

    I have to ask the Question,

    LIBERAL DEMOCRATS – Human Shields for the Worst in Thatcherite (note i didn’t use the word conservative) Policies?


    I think i mentioned this previously – forgive me if i mentioned it but over the last few months and days i appear to have had a Miraculous Recovery. Biblical Students would tell you the tale of the Lepers cured by Jesus and told to report to the Rabbis

    I haven’t had such a miracle, but if you are a DWP Decision Maker – I’ve been Cured!!!
    The Hydrocephalus and its knock on effects on Memory / Balance / Coordination have Gone away – The Cerebral Palsy Irradicated – The Ankylosing Spondylitis – Disappeared!

    (I WISH!)

    Thanks to this “Miracle” Brought on by the DWP and ATOS I’ll be back at the Job centre in around Ten Days Time.

    Watching Mr Clegg Squirm made me feel physically ILL.

    Mr Clegg Needs a Road to Damascus…Soon and Fast IMHO.

    If anybody on this board is a Libdem supporter – I hope you can look at yourselves in the Mirror each morning. I don’t need threats to go back to work. I need HELP.

    If so called “Healthcare Professionals” can assess me without seeing me or reading Any of the evidence – I’d like to know how they’ve done it

    The Countdown to me signing back on the JSA Register Starts Today – I’ll be there in Ten Days Time (Assuming the JCP officer can keep his own appointment!)

    Left you my E-Mail in case you want a follow up in 10 days time.

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