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  1. Ian Davies says:

    Whilst on IB I’ve created work for over 12 UK businesses, with help I know I could create more products & jobs. Asked for help from everywhere but not had any from Jobcentre, DWP etc. Unfortunately a couple of hours activity recently made my legs painful for over four days and made my right leg unstable due to muscle weakness, with help & support I’d try & work but there is no help because it’s cheaper to force long term sick onto JSA than support them properly.

  2. Christopher says:

    I may not be as educated as some of those in government or those who hold the reins of these big companies, and to be honest I’m sitting here having a bit of an argument with myself for and against the proposal- maybe I have a split personality?- but one thing is pretty obvious to me. If you give people with the least amount of money some extra money to spend that’s exactly what they’ll do with it, spend it.

    On the one hand giving cash to those who haven’t worked for it may be seen as unfair to those healthy/lucky enough to be employed, but on the other surely the demand for goods and services will increase, which in the long term will stimulate growth and the economy and thereby create more jobs? Or maybe that’s too simplistic?

    1. JJ says:

      Not at all simplistic. This is what the author is arguing for. It would work. Re-distribution is part of the solution.

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