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  1. Jan Tchamani says:

    Thank you. It’s rare to be so understood, even rarer to be praised. After years of explaining myself, I still get the following: a) “Everyone gets a bit down sometimes” (I wish that was me!) b) “You just need a holiday” (on what money?, and anyway, holidays are one of my biggest stressors) c) “You should be more positive” (positivity is great, I have a lot of it, but it hasn’t made my bipolar go away!) d) “I don’t believe in mental health problems – it’s all in the mind” (yeah, and? – Brain = Mind, ask a neuroscientist!) e) “I once had depression and I took x product and it went away” (that wasn’t the same type of depression as mine then) f) “Everyone has issues” (yeah, including me) g) “You should get out more” (grrr – do I look that stupid? Can’t you just assume I do that as much as I can? And anyway, did I ask you for advice?), h), i) and j) ad nauseam… Add to that the fact that most people, unless they know me better, assume that every single thing I say should be taken with a pinch of salt (or preferably a barrel-full of salt) because I suffer from distorted perception at times (e.g. hearing voices, thinking everyone hates me, thinking I’m no use), and it all adds up to a desperate need to be treated with understanding and dignity. So that thank you was a very big THANK YOU!

  2. jeffery davies says:

    its our goverment driving us to it and the more they denie us benefits the more of us die yep its a very carring goverment is our tory party who like to see us all gone but queitly jeff3

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