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  1. Boadacia! says:

    Can’t wait to see another Tory promo’ with E. Pickles skulking around the treadmill in his shorts, with his packed lunch of water-cress sandwiches!

  2. Pink Parrot says:

    I wondered who the next target for this psychopathic Government would be, seeing as there can’t be many potential victims left. Easy target too, obese people…you can tell who they are easily enough so they can be bullied, a ‘skill’ I’m sure most of this dreadful lot honed to perfection in their over-privileged childhoods.
    Strange isn’t it, how being sick, disabled, unable to find a job that pays enough to support your kids, and now fat, is seen as indicating moral laxity, yet being callous, lying, smug, hate-driven and dictatorial isn’t.
    I’m no expert but suspect that people have weight issues because of a complex variety of reasons, including emotional, physical, medications, maybe other health problems.
    I used to be fat. Now I’m (too) thin. It wasn’t a matter of diet and exercise, but rather my thyroid gland decided to throw a wobbler. It wasn’t a life style choice any more than to be disabled or sick is a life style choice.
    Oh enough already! These finger-pointing idiots should have been shown the exit ages ago. We want grown up Government not this bunch of sanctimonious arses.
    Bullying isn’t the way to help anyone, a lesson most of us learned when we were about 6. These posh schools aren’t up to much are they?

    1. Deborah Kean says:

      Isn’t it odd? I have the same problem (sudden and involuntary thin-ness, and no GP is at all interested! As I have always been of a low weight, they see it as more of the same, or even hypochondria, as one doctor confided to me.) But if I had sudden and involuntary fatness, I can guarantee they would be! As I am on a benefit, I’d be harassed for it, even here in NZ). This is appalling, but it’s the only thing NZ gets from the UK, beneficiary-bashing – otherwise, we just faithfully ape the USA … from where, afaik, your beneficiary bashing ultimately comes!

  3. Christina Klein-Bissett says:

    I wonder what it will take for the people in this country to wake up and say “no more !”
    I have been a normal weight or underweight all my life, then got pneumonia and following that
    Guillain -Barre.
    I could not do my job as a travelling journalist anymore, I had to start lots of medication and antidepressants: the pain prevents me from moving, I got overweight. AND I HATE BEING OVERWEIGHT !
    I still eat what I always loved, which is salads, lots of vegetables and fruits ALL OF WHICH KEEP GETTING SO EXPENSIVE that each week I honestly wonder :
    WHO CAN AFFORD healthy food ANYMORE ????? Junk Food is so much cheaper.

    As to forcing me in to a gym: YES PLEASE . I can certainly not afford the membership (apart from the fact that I would have to be able to walk first) and a physio to help me walk costs about 40 pound an hour.
    I still had hope for the opposition party, now this is gone 2. What should we do?
    My only glimmer of hope is that me GP actually managed to get me a course of acupuncture to start in February to help me combat the pain and maybe move again. My first move will hopefully be to kick those idiots in the backside. Seriously. I promise.

  4. carol says:

    but where do the obese people that have obesity from overeating get money to eat so much? i work full time even though im ill, and still cant afford to eat enough at times or also afford my medicine script

  5. duncan a. smith says:

    Does this mean that the Tories will take punitive action against the obesely over-paid fat-cat bosses? Somehow, sadly, I think not?

  6. 0102xileF says:

    ” Westminster has suggested that, should fat people on council tax and housing benefit refuse to go to the gym on their doctor’s advice, their welfare payments should be docked, as punishment for their expensive, degrading, unsightly fatness. ”

    the problem of the obesity is caused above all by psychic problems.
    what benefits can determine for some persons the imposition to send them to the gym ?
    and if the conditions of health of some persons will worsen with this treatment, the politicians and the doctors will compensate the damages ?
    a person that makes threats to the patient can not be considered a doctor !
    treatments without the consent of the patient are not possible !
    in this case the consent of the patient is annulled by the menace to lose the benefits.
    this disposition is a true offense to the personal dignity of the subject and a full violation of the medical ethics !
    the “doctors” that will implement this disposition must be denounced !
    i advise to sign any document that will be presented to you – WITH THE RESERVE OF ALL MY LEGAL RIGHTS – .
    rather must be subject to psychiatric treatment the INSANE bankers and politicians that have “invented” this STUPIDITY !

    ” The answer, I think, is: bankers, bailed out; the royal family, whose income has risen in this recession thanks to the intervention of the chancellor; ”

    some individuals live on other planet and can not notice the shameful situation in which they have reduced their state.
    ” the only charm in power,
    is to dry their tears, and crown
    Good deeds with glory “

  7. duncan a. smith says:

    For someone born into a staunch Labour family this obese prick really is a piece of work. His great-grandfather was one of the Founders of the ILP – how he must be turning in his grave to see how far his family has sunk! hope the rest of the family have disowned this twat!

  8. Serenity says:

    What about obesity caused by psychological problems and the implications if the person has a heart problem ect the gym won’t do them much good.
    This government are a complete joke it’s war on the most vulnerable, the ultimate class war by the elite on the most helpless, brave NOT!
    If the black activist Martin Luther King were alive here today he would say, ” I have a dream that I may see the day where a man is judged not by the contents of his wallet but by the content of his character.

  9. Christina Klein-Bissett says:

    Free Physio, Gym membership
    and healthy food with lovely fresh veges and fruit for all !!!!! Yeahhhh. (that’s when I dream, no offence to ML King)
    I would gladly give my”can not survive on” benefits for that!
    Or maybe a job for my 55 year old husband who worked his socks off for over 30 years, only not to be able to find any work AT ALL at his age.

  10. Susan Marshall says:


  11. Humanity2012 says:

    The Tories are Not going to Get my Support if they carry on in this Diabolical Orgy
    of Misery Inflicting

    What about the Money that MPS Have Taken via Expenses ?

  12. Linda says:

    They have already started their discrimination, I went to a dla appeal tribunal, the person who was supposedly an advocate for the disabled was vile, she disbelieved everything I said, even criticised the fact I had bought a walking stick instead of a nhs one, and told me losing weight and doing exercise would be better. Needless to say I lost the appeal, despite having severeal chronic disabling illness, there seems to be nothing wrong with me that exercise won’t cure. Do these people live in the real world?

  13. K Peake says:

    * On average people think that 41 per cent of the entire welfare budget goes on benefits to unemployed people, while the true figure is 3 per cent.
    * On average people think that 27 per cent of the welfare budget is claimed fraudulently, while the government’s own figure is 0.7 per cent.
    * On average people think that almost half the people (48 per cent) who claim Jobseeker’s Allowance go on to claim it for more than a year, while the true figure is just under 30 per cent (27.8 per cent).
    * On average people think that an unemployed couple with two school-age children would get £147 in Jobseeker’s Allowance – more than 30 per cent higher than the £111.45 they would actually receive – a £35 over-calculation.
    * Only 21 per cent of people think that this family with two school-age children would be better off if one of the unemployed parents got a 30 hour a week minimum wage job, even though they would actually end up £138 a week better off. Even those who thought they would be better off only thought on average they would gain by £59.


    He can’t regulate them because you can only oppress your poor neighbour and make fools and morons of the rest of your countrymen and women with the help of thugs and lawless environments to lure them in.

    The decision to so cheat the public and so transgress every law of the Bible must continue to cause unimaginable suffering in the heart and mind of our committed Christian of a Prime Minister who lives out and breathes the morals and values and language of the Bible – those morals and values which permeate every aspect of British culture, heritage and contemporary politics. The deep Britain which is so much his home, where equality, human dignity and the importance of each one of us is infinite, like in the dream of Martin Luther King where the powerless and oppressed are raised up, a land ever increasing in freedom and democracy from the abolition of slavery and the emancipation of women to the welfare state, the feeding of the hungry, the care of the sick, the shelter of the poor, the love of our neighbour and the shared values of responsibility, hard work, charity, compassion, humility, self-sacrifice, love…

    …pride in working for the common good and honouring the social obligations we have to one another, to our families and our communities…

    this Christian land of moral, lawful, accountable, peaceful, righteous people who speak the truth to lawless bankers, politicians, rioters, extremists and segregationists and must not lose sight of the vital values of tolerance, equality and human rights, those values drawn from the Bible, the agenda we have in common which goes to the heart of what it means to belong in this country.


  14. Jo Yelland says:

    Beautifully written piece, very fluid and structured. It makes an excellent point regarding the frankly arbitrary nature of the benefits cuts and changes – I have a disabled friend who, due to a hole in her brain, is unable to move about much and certainly cannot exercise. I wonder what this foetid smear of a government will try to force upon her?

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