‘History Will Be Your Judge’ ~ by Tracy Rockley

The British Holocaust Memorial Centre

“History will be your judge”

By Tracy Rockley 

Sent to Mr. Goff Daft : Head of the Correspondence Team, Department of Work and Pensions, Caxton House Tothill Street London SW1 H 9DA 

ConDems are fast becoming the Nazis of the 21st century. 

Strokes, Parkinson’s Disease, Motor Neurone Disease, Multiple Sclerosis; Cystic Fibrosis: 


I did not visit Tesco’s one day to get a life changing disease because I wanted to spend the rest of my life in a wheelchair, having my food cut up for me, having someone shower me and dress me.

It will no doubt come as a surprise to you but I worked full time for 35 years, paying national insurance whilst under the stupid belief that I was paying it in case the worst happened and I ever became unable to work.

How many people have paid in for 20, 30, 40 years and believe they are paying into a common ‘safety net’ when in reality it is no such thing?

Why does the Government not tell the truth that the term ‘national insurance’ is in reality a misnomer?

It does not mean what it says on the tin

I am not ‘languishing’ on a disability benefit.

I can no longer walk, move my legs to drive a car, hold a pen to write legibly, I am writing this on a touchscreen using a stylus taped to my left hand and painstakingly touching one letter at a time.

I was a former civil servant, and if I was capable of continuing in that work I would be earning at least £30k a year and not surviving on the pittance I get from IB and DLA. 

I am not a “workshy”, “benefit-cheat”“scrounger” as portrayed in the media by the baying red-tops of the “burn the witch” mentality (Iain Duncan Smith‘s right-wing propaganda specialists).

At least the broadsheets still tell the reality of life for disabled people under the ConDem eugenics programme.

The Nazi parallels are getting harder to ignore

I often worked two jobs (both declared so yes, I paid NI and tax on both) so I could pay a mortgage and keep a car on the road, holiday in America, buy furniture, clothes, have a life.

Everything I own I worked and paid for.

I was forced to give up work 8 years after diagnosis, when my condition deteriorated to the point I could no longer cope and was permanently in a wheelchair, marinating in my own urine at times because I am incontinent and have no control over my bladder.

I have asked for a medical so I can be assessed – but I have now been declared fit for work, put on job seekers allowance and given 365 days to get a job before my ESA is terminated.

No medical, no taking account of hospital consultants’ reports, MRI scans, etc.

I have nothing left to lose so I am stockpiling some of my do not exceed the stated dose meds, so I can post my suicide on YouTube, using a live feed, and damaging the nasty party in the hope that you do not get back in power for at least 50 years.

My hope is that call me Dave C, IDS, Chris Grayling and the rest of the Nazi ConDems, their spouses and children, mothers and fathers enjoy the delights of Multiple Sclerosis or Motor Neurone Disease, Parkinson’s or have a wonderful stroke.

Oh, what fun that will be for you, but just don’t think you can claim any benefits! 

You can just starve like the rest of us plebs!


14 thoughts on “‘History Will Be Your Judge’ ~ by Tracy Rockley

  1. K Peake says:

    “UK government Cabinet papers from 1982, now released under the 30-year disclosure rule, confirm that the dismantling of the welfare state, the privatisation of the NHS and the savage cutting of public services has been a long-held ambition of the Conservative party.” Read the rest of this article:


    Sign a petition for the voluntary resignation of these pieces of s***:


  2. Boadacia! says:

    We need to seek those that will help us with legal redress, which is why the ‘Nazties’ tried their best to withdraw any legal aid rights we once had.

    They blatantly refuse to carry out their contractual obligations that my 37 years of Tax and NI qualify me for, so I should be able to take them to court.

    I believe this is what we all need to concentrate on, as all our protestations are falling on the deaf ears of torturing fascists who laugh at us, and their puppeteer media controllers.

  3. alan says:

    protests have missed hull and your right boadacia no spunk in society any more a kind of broken and no future for the next generation and no sick people in future everyone so well

  4. 0102xileF says:

    i suggest you to not leave this letter only internally.
    i suggest you to give the maximum publicity of your case that i suppose is not isolated.
    as far as i know the ill-treatment of sick and disabled people is becoming a common practice in the uk and this must to be stopped !
    for example why you do not mail your case to various members of the parliamentary assembly of the council of europe ?
    and you can also mail your case to members of the various parliaments around the world and so on.
    pubblicity for these nazi crimes is just like turning on the light to the burglars while they are robbing !
    i remember you that they are doing experiments and if they see a massive opposition, their experiments will cease.
    don’t be afraid of them !
    they are only shadows in the dark !

  5. jeffery davies says:

    couldnt have put it better come this way with your bar of soap and towel as this is whots happening to us . 0102exilef we do this most days email our mp,s on the way they treat us but not many listen to us and for the papers they abuse their positions by pointing calling us social scroungers so you see they dont or wont want to know about us only the few who listen but cant quite grasp that its killing us so dont beleive its happening but we know every day more of us die because of them the carring party who with ids c/grayling have and do take us away from life by their refusal of benefits jeff3

  6. Sasson says:

    My care plan was reassessed from the beginning of July last year, which I had to fight since the LA initially wanted it cut by 75%; in the end I managed to get that down to 25%, and this was finalized and the case closed, not long before xmas.

    Despite having no assets or savings, I already paid back £3000 per year out of benefits for the care package; I now have to pay a further £1500 for private care needs that the LA say that they no longer fund.

    Today, the post came through the letter box, and I just knew what the post would be: an atos questionnaire. Surprisingly, I’ve been left alone for nearly 3 years after being placed into the support group, but I knew it would only be a matter of time before the dreaded envelope appeared.

    So now I suppose I’ll be embroiled in yet another period of assessment. It took 5 months last time from filling the questionnaire in and finally receiving a decision. That will take me to May/June of this year; much longer of course if I have to appeal, which most likely I will have to, and I’ll lose my DLA if that happens so I’ll need to reapply for that as well. Then I’ll receive another care plan reassessment in July.

    I worked out that I’ll be spending most of each year involved in reassessments of one kind or another. When you’re chronically ill you need rest and no stress, but the government won’t allow for that, so we’ll have to keep proving over and again how ill we are.

    My stomach’s been turning for the last half hour, but I’m trying to think down the lines of that this is going to be the new ‘normal’; I’ll have to get used to it if I want to survive. My brain is racing somewhat though. If I’m turned down for ESA the jobcenter won’t let me sign on either as I’m not fit for work. What happens then? How do I pay my rent? Even if I was able to claim JSA, how do I actually get to sign on since I cannot use public transport? If I could afford a taxi, who will take me being that I would have to sack my carers? Even on receipt of JSA, how do I pay council tax and bedroom tax out of such a measly amount?

    Now, I have good friends and family, but I would be mortified to have to go cap in hand, and as good as they are, can I really expect them to keep me?

    I always say that we need to stay alive as public evidence of what happens when the state no longer care for the vulnerable, but I can understand why people choose to take their life instead, refusing to live in a constant state of fear and the indignity of living on charity instead of the appropriate financial form of support.

    1. Boadacia! says:

      Please use your CAB Centre by email, and they will advise you on how to keep your rent paid, whilst you go through more agony of appeals, without having to ridiculously sign on at the Job/Joke-Centre.

      Don’t let these disgusting people at the DWP misinform you.

  7. 0102xileF says:

    a good idea could be to send letters to the queen and not to the members of the parliament.
    the queen has the power to “convince” the government.
    it will bee a good occasion to see if the sensitivity of the queen of britain is similar to the sensitivity of HM KING HARALD V OF NORWAY
    i don’t know why but i am wondering if the name of the present queen is elizabeth or victoria.

    1. Boadacia! says:

      Yes! Another classic case of a political criminal fiddling the books and taxpayer’s money for his own ends. (allegedly quietly of course) The whole barrel of rotten apples need *dunking* in the Thames!

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