Iain Duncan Smith doesn’t care that his reforms killed Brian McArdle. He’s proud of himself and Brian’s just ‘collateral damage’ in his ‘war on welfare’:
You can read all about Brian McArdle R.I.P. at
https://blacktrianglecampaign.org/2012/11/01/atos-benefits-bullies-killed-my-sick-dad-says-devastated-kieran-mcardle-13/ ;
https://blacktrianglecampaign.org/2012/11/02/teens-letter-about-cruel-effects-of-atos-hand-delivered-by-record-to-iain-duncan-smiths-whitehall-office/ ;
Here is the clip of IDS BRAGGING ON BBC QUESTION TIME in response to being hauled up over Brian’s death by Owen Jones. SHAMEFULLY the idiotic and ignorant SHEEP, fed on a diet of govt. & tabloid lies and propaganda to the point where they can no longer think for themselves or distinguish truth from fiction bleat and clap in approval.
‘Iain Duncan Smith Losing His Temper With Owen Jones’
When will the nation awake and arise???
How many more must DIE???

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  1. Nigel Simmons says:

    Ian Duncan Smith is an ex arms dealer ,to earn his living he knew exactly what his arms sales meant ,poverty death and destruction ,he studied Fascism in Italy ,this same man was ousted as Tory Leader and is hell bent on making his mark in the Political field .The death count so far through the ATOS work capability assessments run into thousands and all he does is spout rhetoric not worthy of a school playground,he is a liar and a public purse thief and revels in publicity .The Tories will drop him like a ton of bricks when he has succeeded in their dirty work which shows his total lack of logical comprehension .The man is no more than a selfish bully out of control and needs to be replaced .

  2. steve davies says:

    This is what the Condem party want …..prostitution and crime , not by the poor but by the crooked ministers that try and run this country. I wonder what happened to the Labour voice of dissent or should I say the Muppets and led by Gonzo

  3. Rogr says:

    How about withdrawing benefits like salary and allowances from MPs that breach their own rules? They would still be lying scum prostituting themselves to lobbyists but it would make the rest of the population far happier!

  4. Kelpiemare says:

    The country, to whom the Tories have always looked as the epitome of greedy, money-grabbing idealism…..I give you…..USA. IF the morons who hold the USA up as the ideal example for a society, had actually been paying attention to what actually happens to the vulnerable, the disenfranchised, the unemployed, the low-paid and…the list is endless, they would have seen that the USA model of social responsibility is ….oh……er…..there isn’t one. Because to admit that there’s such a thing as “society”, means you have to have a conscience in order to feel responsible for the effects of your actions……
    Which the Tories don’t have. So they couldn’t give a damn about the human cost of their imbecilic policies…….which brings us back to where we started. Kicked to the feet of their god….money.

  5. jeffery davies says:

    Iain Duncan Smith’s own advisers have urged a softening of his benefits crackdown after hearing evidence that it risked pushing the poorest in society into “crime or prostitution”. whot are the papers saying he hasnt started yet then why are so many dying its just so unbeleavibles that they can and do get away with mass murder just because their paymasters lost their monies and the poor have to pay it back about right how can they walk about holding their heads up disgrace to the human race all of them jeff3

  6. Nigel Simmons says:

    There is one consolation concerning this article aren’t we all glad we don’t come from privileged backgrounds – who wants to instinctively act like an animal to fellow humans ,we should all email Smith enmasse asking why an ex arms salesman is in charge of Welfare Reform and let Britain become the laughing stock of the World

    1. jefflph says:

      he wont reply to email or phone calls i tryed it 3 times just got hold of the gate keeper.
      but try again or use registerd mail,, FAO MR DUNCAN-SMITH or is that shmit seeg hile.
      jeff ..

  7. Charles Sutherland-Boyce says:

    What does IDS think will happen ? What about the real disabled people who have no option to physically be a criminal or a prostitute? Starvation is their only option! I can just picture a remake of Dickens ‘Christmas Carol’, with Osbourne as Marleys’ ghost and IDS in the starring role as ‘Ebenezer Scrooge. As Bob Cractchett can be a poor representive worker subsisting on the minimum wage (I’m sure there’s plenty) and Tiny Tim will be one of the Disabled. I can also see a vision of the poor and disabled looking through the cabinet window at 10 Downing Street (as in Animal Farm) looking at the Tory’s and LibDem coalition thinking there’s no difference, they all look the same (like pigs)!

  8. Humanity2012 says:

    Get the Tory Scum Out of Office and Never Again a Tory Regime

    They Lack Compassion and Common Sense with Regards to the Poorest and Most
    Vulnerable of Society and They are the Waste of Public Money

    Shame upon All who have been Gormless Enough to Believe the Propaganda of the
    Tory Cuts Filth

    I am Beyond Incensed with the State of this Country and the Ignorant Attitude of
    too many Feckless People

  9. kasbah says:

    Just how far will this psychopath go? He MUST be stopped. I have been thoroughly done over by Atos etc, yet these proposed policies have shocked the hell out of me. What a dangerous mendacious piece of work.

  10. Red Shadow says:

    Who the hell let this madman near the welfare state?!! This evil, working class hating lunatic makes Tebbitt look like Mickey Mouse!

    Iain Duncan Smith is fascist vermin! He needs to be replaced? No, he needs to wiped off the face of the earth !

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