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  1. jeffery davies says:

    caught with her hands well and trully in the till honest its all legal honest but you or i our feet wouldnt touch the ground fast enough before the clanging of that steel door yet one law for us another for them jeff3

  2. 0102xileF says:

    maria miller has preserved the good traditions of the company texaco where she worked.
    ” Texaco profited greatly from sales to Nazi Germany, and not surprisingly its chairman, Torkild Rieber, became yet another powerful American entrepreneur who admired Hitler. A member of the German secret service reported that he was “absolutely pro-German” and “a sincere admirer of the Führer.” Rieber also became a personal friend of Göring, Hitler’s economic czar. ” http://www.historycooperative.org/journals/llt/51/pauwels.html

  3. jed goodright says:

    The Telegraph should remain defiant on this. If they have their story correct then Miller and Cameron should begin to deal with the crime and not try to bully and blackmail the journos. be interesting to see what happens especially as there is a blanket ban on the public commenting on the papers about this. Maria Miller kills disabled people, robs our money and still claims she is innocent – WTF???

  4. serenity says:

    However, by lunchtime, Hacked Off’s position had modified – and no call for her to step aside was made from the Leveson talks. A more general statement released in the name of executive director Brian Cathcart said: “The direct involvement of ministers in these secret negotiations means no one can be confident that the public’s interests are being served rather than the interests of the editors and proprietors, or of the politicians.”
    Someone had their collar well and truly felt!

    A spokesman for the culture secretary said: “There is no reason why the culture Secretary would not continue to lead on the government’s Leveson response. Mrs Miller has been absolutely clear about the government’s position – that we want a tough independent self-regulator.
    Their having a laugh surely? Too busy feeling collars, tough on collars/editors that don’t tow the government line.

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