Alan Rusbridger spoke of widespread opposition to how third-party complaints should be handled




Leveson: Third party complaints are a basic but vital step to improving press standards for minorities

The need to permit third party complaints on behalf of minority groups,
including disabled people, will be key to addressing what Leveson
describes as “a significant tendency within the press which leads to
the publication of prejudicial or pejorative references to race, religion,
gender, sexual orientation or physical or mental illness or disability”(Vol.
2 section 8.22)

Disabled people, alongside many other minority groups, have
experienced sustained levels of misleading, hostile and discriminatory
reporting in the press. Headlines such as ‘75% on sick are skiving’1
are inaccurate and dangerous. Recent SCOPE2 research found that
almost half of disabled people said that attitudes towards them had got
worse over the past year, with many reporting that they are increasingly
confronted by strangers questioning their right to support. Hostile and
inaccurate press was cited by disabled people as the chief cause of
increasing negative attitudes.

Disabled people, as a group, are not protected by the Editors code
or the right to make a complaint to the PCC when faced with such
inaccurate and harmful reporting. Leveson’s recommendations to allow
third party complaints, and extend the Editors Code to outlaw prejudicial
or pejorative references to minority groups as well as individuals, are
critical to ensuring a right of redress and a voice for minority groups.

This is not a slippery slope to the press being “hijacked” by “sinister”
pressure groups as Conor Burns Tory MP3 suggests. Implementing
these recommendations will give those who are so often the victims
of sensationalist and prejudicial headlines the basic right to make a



Daily Express 26 Jan 2011


Attitudes to disabled people getting worse:


Tracey Lazard: CEO Inclusion London
Tara Flood : CEO Alliance for Inclusive Education
Linda Burnip: Disabled People Against Cuts
John McArdle : Black Triangle Anti-Defamation Campaign In Defence of
Disability Rights
Katharine Quarmby: Journalist
John Pring: Journalist Disability News Service
Mo Stewart: Disability researcher
Dr Stephen M Carty: Medical Advisor Black Triangle
Simone Aspis: Changing Perspectives
Eleanor Lisney: Sisters of Frida
Anne Novis MBE

Stephen Brookes MBE: Coordinator – Disability Hate Crime Network

Bill Scott CEO Inclusion Scotland
John Sweeney Ucatt

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  1. Juan says:

    I wouldn’t trust Rusbriger as far as I could throw him. When they say Minority Groups, they basically mean anyone who is a dissenting voice from the establishment, the establishment being the government, and media. That’s why they’re so scared and are unified in their objection to that particular clause in the Leveson report.

  2. jay says:

    The only scroungers are the politicians and their beloved private companies given contracts that fleece the tax payer.

    Why should a bunch of millionaire politicians be able to claim expenses, they can pay out of their own money. They are the scroungers.

    The disabled and sick and the unemployed are only claiming their right to benefit. If that is not the case what are people paying NHI contributions for.

    It’s time newspapers were made liable for printing incorrect and fabricated drivel, when they realise they can be taken to court for unsubstantiated lies only then will we see a fairer and truer press.

  3. Humanity2012 says:

    The Wise Words of Isaiah Chapter 5 Verse 20 Namely Woe unto them that call Evil Good, and Good Evil; that put Darkness for Light, and Light for Darkness; that put Bitter for Sweet, and Sweet for Bitter! Applies Well to those who Think taking Benefits from the
    Poor is Good and Not Evil who Think to Victimise the Poor and Vulnerable is Justifiable
    when it is Outright Shameless Evil and who take that Ignoramus ” I Am All Right Jack ”
    Mentality when they should have Charity and Compassion for Humans who are

  4. Humanity2012 says:

    There is More Warmth in a Block of Ice than in the Hearts of those Brainwashed by the I Am All Right Jack Mentality .

    Those who Ignorantantly Think the Poor and Vulnerable are ” Scroungers ” and in the Process Turn a Blind Eye to Oppression and In Justice as Well as Colllaborate .

    They also Turn a Blind Eye to the Greed and Arrogance of Charlatan Politicians

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