‘No Scot should be living without food or heat. Every single one of the rest of us will, one day, be called to account for permitting this to happen’ ~ Kevin McKenna

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  1. jeffery davies says:

    yes but its happening all over and still nothings done about it our carring goverment not like them in the great house where food and drink is cheap ,while they heat their houses free we go cold and starve yes welcome to fragile britain under the tory party where bankers roam free but we pay for them daily jeff3

  2. Liz Dumbrell says:

    I am disabled and live in one of the richest Boroughs in the country, Richmond upon Thames….. I have had to use the food bank today after weeks of living on cereal….ended up really ill also we are lucky enough to have a local charity that give out fuel grants for poor folk in the Borough, this is now a third world country, I wouldn’t be able to survive this winter without the Trussel Trust and Hampton fuel Allotment charities…I feel blessed to have them. I have never known such poverty before.

  3. Penny L says:

    A good article spoiled by the first paragraph. Journalists who assume that “most of us” only use public transport and shop at Lidl “in extreme cases” do not realise that the world is not divided into the comfortable secure and the destitute. There are many people who just manage but only by being constantly careful. An accident, rent rise or lost wallet can quickly tip the balance. This paragraph reminded me of all the green living articles which advise me to turn down the central heating and get a more efficient car, neither of which I have ever possessed.

  4. jed goodright says:

    the latest tory minister to crawl out of a hole is the housing minister, keen to advocate not giving homeless people, if you accidentally tread on some, any money rather giving them a phone number for a local help centre ….when can we burn these bastards homes down … when?????

    1. jeffery davies says:

      y es jed a very good eye opener maria killer at it again ops sorry it was all passed legelly
      MPs’ expenses: Culture Secretary Maria Miller’s £90,000 claims for parents’ home its ok for those who look after us yes

  5. Humanity2012 says:

    Thing is Many Politicians are Shameless to put it Mildy

    With their Gormless Grins and Huge Salaries they are Walking Disasters

  6. Dissabled dave says:

    MPs’ weekly allowance for grocery alone £160

    Job-seekers allowance for grocery AND EVERYTHING ELSE £71

    So the mathematics means that Job seekers have MINUS £89 to spend on everything other than groceries.

    Perhaps I should ask my MP which company will pay me to use their electricity and gas so I get the negative bills that MPs must get………..

  7. badger says:

    To most of us, “recession” suggests that a little more prudence may be required when managing the monthly finances: perhaps losing a bottle or two of chardonnay from the shopping trolley and eschewing someone else’s coastline for the summer holiday in favour of Fife or Ayrshire. In extreme cases, we might even try public transport or shop at Lidl

    Oh, to be of the comfortable middle class. “Kiss Prudence”

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