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  1. kelpimare says:

    Simon Hughes, when he claims the libdems have “won considerable battles”, is obviously living in cloud cuckoo land.
    The chronically sick and disabled are dying, 73 PEOPLE a week DYING. This, to Simon Hughes, isn’t even on his radar as a minor bloody skirmish.
    Joseph Rowntree Foundation and many other charities (and even bishops) are screaming out against the overwhelming injustice and poverty that this mire of malodorous murderers are committing on the people of Britain.
    Yet again, Smugpiggy Osborne cuts the upper tax, cuts corporate tax…….and cuts benefits. What happens when the poor, the sick and the disabled can’t work for their pittance? Sanction them by slashing that by half? What then, Smugpiggy? They’ll die…..and your miresome mates will be footing the funeral bills.
    Blood by the bucketloads on YOUR scummy mitts by the casket load.

  2. Humanity2012 says:

    We will be Better Off without these Vicious Wrecking Politicians Out of Office
    simply because We are Worse Off with these Vicious Wrecking Politicians in Office

    There is a Chinese Proverb which Says that
    ” When the Rich become too Rich, And the Poor become too Poor , Something Happens ”

    What Needs to and Must Happen is the Public at Large Stop being TV Addicts and
    Circus Sheep Demand Better Government Better Policies from Government and
    that there be Provision For the Poor and Vulnerable Immediately in other Words
    Peaceful Political and Economic Revolution which is Better than People Sticking their
    Heads in the Sand

  3. Serenity says:

    The manipulation of sections of society to turn on each other with press hate campaigns, competing against each other in a race too the bottom in a way that benefits the political manipulators, Do we never learn? You would not think the old divide and conquer tactic would still be so effective in this day and age but the evidence is before our eyes that it clearly works a treat!
    The real sadness for me is that it could all be so different if only we had humanitarian politicians that gave a damn about the country and people or something other than making themselves ever more wealthy!

  4. joseph mccaffery says:

    Excuse me but did you actually say ‘Benefit Scroungers’ and no not even in a context were it could mean anything other than your own mindset,,seriously but you should be ashamed of yourself and for the Icelander’s comment,,pathetic human being son, just not funny in any way, you’ve made yourself look a Tory voter…!!??

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