Chart: The welfare and tax gaps including proportion due to systemic error “Some coalition ministers point out that of the £3.1bn of identified fraud and error in the benefits system in 2009-10, only £1bn is attributable to fraud, as opposed to system failure. Of the £2.1bn identified in the tax credit system in 2008-9, only £460m is attributable to fraud.” Meanwhile, before the election in March, HM Revenue and Customs updated its ‘Measuring tax gaps 2009‘ report and outlined that, “The size of the UK tax gap is estimated to be around £40 billion in 2007-08.” The tax gap is “the difference between tax collected and that, which in HMRC’s view, should be collected.” Only £3 billion is attributed to error with £5 billion due to criminal attacks, £7 billion due to tax evasion and a further £7 billion due to tax avoidance.



These cuts are ideological.

The Tories will always seek to protect the rich and kick the poor to death in their own interests if they feel the need.

The ConDem junta is a catastrophe for Britain. 

How much more deception are the people of this country going to buy in to?

A failed policy of cuts and austerity and a failed civil society and democracy for not standing up with us for social and economic fairness and allowing criminals to carry out acts of barbarity on our own people with impunity.



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A winter of discontent for disabled people: George Osborne’s Autumn Statement attacks the vulnerable ~ The Chancellor has no intention of tackling multinational tax avoiders and the people after whom Mr Osborne is actually going have no cunning tax lawyers to defend them

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  1. jeffery davies says:

    but thats to easy and the rich wouls suffer its better we suffer as we are use to it tory policy rob the poor to give to the rich and im sorry thats whot they are doing jeff3

  2. Humanity2012 says:

    With a Compassionate Redistribution of Wealth from Rich to Poor Revolution
    the Thing that gives the Rich their Obscene Arrogance Namely their Obscene
    Wealth would be Ended

    We will have a Country where the Poor and Vulnerable are Humanely and Adequately
    Cared For where Hospitals are Properly Manned and where Social Justice is Constitutionally Required

    A Better Reality

  3. jed goodright says:

    …… in the meantime the population just carries on as if nothing’s the matter … onward towards their own deaths

  4. Humanity2012 says:

    Indeed the Population at Large are like Oblivious Sleep Walking Zombies caught up
    in the Townie Trance

    Onwards to Oblivion they Go Higher Fares and More Impoverishment

    Plenty of Christmas Presents whilst the House is Cold and Children are Hungry
    and People Outside are Homeless Freezing

    The Nation Needs Something to Wake It Up like a Lot of Common Sense

  5. K Peake says:

    The illiterate, extreme right press brought this cruel farce about with their illiterate, extreme right chums in Whitehall and an organised, ongoing stigmatising campaign we all continue to suffer with. More worryingly, until recently they had virtually the whole left / civilised world on board too.

    As a result of this campaign to make people ashamed of themselves and their will to survive, many harmless, sensitive, disadvantaged people do indeed choose to starve and die not appreciating that they are laying down their lives for the least honest and honourable of all UK citizens.

    50% of senior, decision-making roles in the UK are reserved for the privately and expensively educated 7%. More than half the Cabinet and at least half of editors have no qualms whatsoever about benefitting very nicely indeed from this corrupt, cushy arrangement or about making life more difficult for the 93% forced to find an income legitimately.

    Sign the petition to keep propaganda, misinformation and hatred under control.

    If you’re a disabled person looking for work you need to seek out employers who are “Positive About Disabled People”, a scheme explained here:

    Here is the full, national list of employers signed up to the scheme who will be willing to accommodate you with your needs. You may wish to avoid the government departments on the list which leaves about 150 employers nationally including 7 in Northumbria. Good luck.

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