“If you are entitled to it, you’re not a scrounger. If you don’t have enough food, or difficulty heating your home, don’t let the “Lord Snooties” make you think it’s criminal to find out what help you’re entitled to.

Don’t be one of the 1.8 million victims of disinformation from the likes of the Daily Mail.”

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  1. jed goodright says:

    This is not news

    The Guardian is avehicle of the propaganda machine and has done its bit toward villification of the poor

    The DWP is a vile organisation headed by fascists and nazis

  2. Linda Ashford says:

    This is the kind of media bias that the Leveson Inquiry should have been tackling, but I guess will barely hint at. The disproportionate and shameless vilification of poor and disabled people, and those without jobs by both media and government should be classed as irresponsible. Instead it gets lapped up by the haters, who have now come to be the people who define ‘public opinion’. This is what happens when the media will only print/publish what is in the interests of their advertisers. So much for a free press.

  3. Humanity2012 says:

    Bloody Wake Up from Media Trance UK

    It is Politicians who are Scroungers Not the Poor Vulnerable and Hungry

  4. jay says:

    Time for some cuts for politicians.

    I propose that from April 1st the expenses system should end.
    Politicians will use their own wages to buy or rent living accomodation, they will pay for their transport costs like everyone else in the country out of their own pocket. Their will be no free heating, food or drink.
    All bars within the proximity of the Houses of Parliament will be closed, the tax payer refuses to bear the cost.

    Any complaints will be dealt with the standard retort: No exceptions, these cuts are necessary to reduce the deficit.

    Every politician seeking election will need to show proof of either a masters degree in economics or accountancy, againno exceptions entertained.

    Atos will be seconded from the DWP to look at and investigate the last thirty years of politicians expenses. It will be up to our dishonourable MP’s to prove that they are innocent. They will be assumed to be guilty until proven innocent.

    Humanity you are almost correct, I would use the term parasites

    1. jed goodright says:

      it is only the elites and the politicians who feel they are ‘the entitled ones’ – the rest of us, in their eyes are plebs

  5. wolf1255 says:

    does anyone know what rule 69 is. and how people in suits at medical appeals have the rite to say someone does not have a disability and they can clearly see that they are in pain and struggle to walk.

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