‘Labour says: ‘This government is giving a tax cut to millionaires but giving up on child poverty.’ But its leaders lack the nerve to challenge Daily Mail images of scroungers and housing benefit mansion-dwellers.’ Photograph: Morgan Hill/Alamy

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  1. Humanity2012 says:

    It is a Crime against Humanity and Thus Immoral Itself

    There is No Morality in the Infliction of Poverty by a Cabinet of Millionaires

  2. jed goodright says:

    “What will it take to shift public sympathy towards those who suffer, with many more to come after next April’s cuts?”

    1. the mass slaying of our present crop of politicians

    2. the writing of a true and proper constitution for this country

    3. a new development of the worth of each individual in our country

  3. jed goodright says:

    Don’t forget – Labour is part of the problem not the solution …. and the hypocritical Polly, bless her

  4. Sarah Balfour says:

    You’re forgetting one vital thing: – workfare was a Labour invention, though they termed it ‘Gateway To Work’. I suffered almost as much under NL as I am doing under the Tories.

    I’m high-functioning autistic, with severely impaired interpersonal and social skills. I was compelled to work in Oxfam doing nothing but ironing shirts for my JSA. I couldn’t hack it; not only can’t I cope with being around people for more than 30 minutes at a time but, because I’m high-functioning, the SHEER tedium and monotony did my head in!

    I walked out after just a day. They then compelled me to muck out dog kennels. I lasted less than a day doing that, too.

    I then had to fight for 5 YEARS to be recognised as disabled.

    The other thing was the basic literacy course I was compelled to attend. I’ve an English degree – rather a waste of time and money, that, don’t you think…?! I spent the first class constantly correcting the ‘teacher’s’ grammar, spelling and punctuation. After 20 minutes, I’d had all I could stand and I walked out.

    Yes, NL DID do a lot right, but don’t forget they did a great deal of harm, too…

  5. Humanity2012 says:

    From what I Hear the Tory Boneheads want to Steal Billions More from Welfare

    There is No Morality in the Con Dem Regime with Regards to Welfare Provision
    and Things have Got Worse under these Tory Boneheads and will Get Worse unless
    People Slip Out of the Townie Trance Wake Up Get this Regime/Dictatorship Out of
    Office and have a Constitution which Genuinely Upholds Human Rights like the
    Human Right to Practical Assistance against Poverty and in Event of Sickness and
    ILL Health

    Labour was Not Perfect but there were Not as Vicious as this Tory Shower and Did
    Not Squatting an Offence like the Tory Scum Shower have

    We Need a Constitution which is the Guardian of Human Rights and Insists upon
    Decent Government One Not Composed of Rich Millionaire Scum with More
    Cash in their Pocket than Conscience or Character

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