Letter from Jessica McCarnun to David Cameron

Jessica McCarnun (This is my personal story)
Prime Minister
Today Britain is a society that is supposed to be free of slavery and starvation. But I fear that this is not the case.
When I walk the streets of my hometown I see families in supermarkets deliberating on whether they can afford food and even the simplest of items to function in everyday life.
My name is Jessica McCarnun and I have 4 children, one of whom has brain damage and autism.
When your government thought through its new bedroom tax regime you apparently never thought of protecting the vulnerable disabled community, like that of my family.
When this tax comes into force my choice is I either take food from my own mouth as I’m too sick to work even though ATOS says I am well (without actually giving me a medical I may add). 
Or even worse.
I put my brain damaged, severely autistic son who can be violent at times in with his sisters.
This is against the advice of Social services and a safety issues as he head-butts, bites, kicks if upset.
He can wake up anything up to 7 times a night and screams with night terrors and sometimes suffers with vomiting in his sleep.
How am I going to keep my babies safe at night without keeping permanent watch as I’m petrified that my brain damaged son may hurt his siblings.
What if I fall asleep on my watch because of exhaustion and illness and he hits his baby sister whilst she sleeps?
This is the crux of my point…you have created a generic tax with a small discretionary fund as a get out clause because you know this fund will not cover the 660,000 disabled people who are affected.
There s no way your fund will cover even 4 months of aid and some authorities are saying families like us don’t count.
The rules need to be clearer because lets face it the people in the benefit system hate their jobs and half the time and end up loosing information because of carelessness (As has happened to me on a number of occasions).
If you actually took the time to live within your communities and not just reading inaccurate poll studies or statistics that are based on loose questionnaires, you wouldn’t have done this.
Most of us fully understand about the benefits system being to much for the national finances to handle, but why target the most vulnerable first? (I.e. big families, sick and disabled and single parents).
Some will lose their support networks and even families because they can no longer cope.
I dread to think about the suicide rate, starvation and the homeless families that will be out on the streets for non-payment of rent or worse.
Children being given up to the state, as parents are made to feel helpless.
Only a few months ago a man killed himself and his two young boys close to where I live.
Is this the effect you want Prime Minister?
You just don’t seem to understand our position as parents, not only are we Mummy and Daddy but sometimes we are also Bodyguards for our girls want of a better word.
You can never really tell what will set of an Autistic/Brain Damaged child and our son Rowan is just Rowan.
You touch on how as a country we have been; and I quote “infantised by the benefit system” surely sir you need to look closer to home.
Why should your poor country and soon to be starving disabled countrymen be penalized for not being able to work?
I’m writing this letter in the hope that when you review the tax that a special protection measure will be put in force to protect such people like our selves and the many people who contact me everyday.
All you are doing is creating hate towards your party and you wont get re-elected. Remember its only ever 6 degrees of separation.
We are the people of Britain and we will be heard.
If I had the position of power you had sir, I wouldn’t be going after the sick and injured: I would be going after the fat-cat suit wearing frauds that hide behind their titles and offshore bank accounts.
Protect your country sir not your own wallet.
Yours sincerely
Jessica McCarnun

9 thoughts on “Letter from Jessica McCarnun to David Cameron

  1. Lorraine Antwis says:

    I applaud Jessica McCarnun for speaking up about the harm this ill-conceived tax is going to cause to people who can`t be asked to sacrifice anything further for “Austerity”. Bedroom Tax is not the right solution. I agree with Jessica that the Government is protecting it`s friends` wallets instead of making them pay their fair share to help the vulnerable members of society. Imagine if the roles were reversed, Mssrs Cameron, Osborne, Duncan Smith etc…

  2. The Infamous Culex says:

    Roy Davis
    Is this the effect you want Prime Minister? Clearly he doesn’t care.

    Why should he care?

    The next election is still over two years away and they’ll deluge us with propaganda before then.

  3. Humanity2012 says:

    Good Point about Buckingham Palace that Family does Not Need a Massive Palace
    like that and One Wonders if the Gormless Bedroom Tax will Apply to Buckingham
    Palace ot wherever that Family will Carry On in their Life of Luxury and Privilege

    Indeed Wait Wait Wait is One of the Mottoes of this Country

    I Certainly am Un Likely to Vote Con Dem Millionaires Party

    I Think and Know we Need Better Government Now

  4. pete says:

    why car`nt we get the queen to dissolve this coalition i`m sure even she cannot agree with this bedroom tax…plus how much would she have to find for all spare bedrooms in buck house ?????

    1. marie says:

      H I suffer with fibromyalgia, inflammatory polyarthritis feet,spine .knees neck shins all over. angina, hypertention,reynauds disease, Gord, ibs and kidney problems. why doesnt cameran just kill me off thats all he is short of doing. as for the buckingham palace question some one asked? who will pay for the bedroom tax for them . silly question the tax payers of course

  5. marie says:

    I have worked all my life, i am 57 now so for 40 years whilst still ill i worked, my ilness got so bad i had to give up work two years ago, i could hardley move with fibromyalgia chronic pain all over the body,fatique, I was refused DLA, i apealled it took eighteen months but i won the appeal. so for all those out there dont give up or fear the dla tribunal they are for you not against you , if you truley have a disabling illness.

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