“What we saw in Occupy Wall Street, the demonstrations in Wisconsin and the teachers’ strike in Chicago was a glimpse of our own power,” said Jesse Sharkey, the vice-president of the Chicago Teachers Union, which recently ran a successful strike against pay cuts, crude teacher evaluation and part-privatisation (which had been pursued by Obama’s former chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, and championed by Obama). “The difficulty is that the size of the forces that support austerity may be greater than those that will fight against it but the potential of opposition to austerity is far greater than most realise.”

‘Obama’s election is important …. because it offers an opportunity that would not have existed if Mitt Romney had won.

Just a couple of months into his first term Obama called a meeting of banking executives, who feared the worse.

“The president had us at a moment of real vulnerability,”

Ron Suskind quotes one of them as telling him in the book ‘The Confidence Men’.

“At that point, he could have ordered us to do just about anything and we would have rolled over. But he didn’t – he mostly wanted to help us out, to quell the mob.”

“I’m not going after you,”

Obama told them.

“I’m protecting you. My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks.”

It was the people with pitchforks who voted for him on Tuesday.

They should sharpen them for the months ahead.’

~ Who will speak up for our American comrades?

Time has come for Obama to join with us and implement the Chicago Paper .


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  1. jed goodright says:

    The British fascinatuion with American politics is misplaced. As the unrewarded 51st State of the USA Britain is doing nothing other than what the USA wants – wars, famine, extradition, lying, cover-ups and on and on …. the lot. Obama has not deviated from this in anyway – nor will he.

    It’s over for the people of the UK

  2. Ron says:

    so wat is it with some disabled people? you know the old, zealot types who come and bang on your car window as you are parking without even knowing who you are and what mobility problem you have. They say you can’t park here as you need a blue badge. I have a blue badge and am sick of these interfering nutters who constantly annoy and provoke me based not on my disabliltiy but on my car and therii vision of what car I should drive. can’t you do something about these bigotted little gits?? i’m sick of them and they are doing the governments work for them, i bloody hate them

  3. Humanity2012 says:

    What the United States of America Needs is a High Minded President who Supports
    Peace in the World Now and Forever puts Billions and Trillions into Welfare and
    other Public Services and Bridges the Gulf between Rich and Poor instead of
    Billions and Trillions going into Warmongering in the Middle East

    All the Wasted Money US Dollars spent upon Wars like Vietnam Afghanistan and
    Iraq could of Funded a American Public Health Service Environmental Protection
    and Welfare Provision for the Needy

    With Liberty and Justice For All

    I Agree the UK is as Good as a Scrapheap in it’s Present ” Democratic ” State

  4. Humanity2012 says:

    Had Obama Not of Got In I could See Warmongering against Iran Proceeding

    Something like 12.8 Percent of World’s Known Oil Reserves

    Welfare NOT Warfare

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