Atos Your Time Will Come Bloody Contract Killers


Moi commented on ‘Iain Duncan Smith to write to distraught teenager who blames Atos for father’s death’ 2012/11/06 at 4:49 pm

‘Quite frankly if i was that boy I would tell IDS where he can stick his government-headed paper full of pointless words

What could he possibly say to that boy?

Nothing, because IDS is one of the most idiotic clown-like people to ever be given life on this planet, he is a failure from beginning to end… a no-mark taking some sick personal satisfaction from what he does, because it is all he can do.

Failure in every aspect of his life that might feature the words “Good”, “Kind”, “Understanding”, he will never be remembered for a thing except failure and wrong doings… as with the rest of this Tory hotch-potch of the rich and wicked.

They offend me as a party, they offend me with their policies, they offend me with their presence and they offend me each time they open their gobs…. one feels a deep desire to fetch the funnel and force-feed them all Beluga Caviar and Cristal Brut, until they choke.

Let it be known I do not have some obsessional hatred towards rich people: I do have a hatred towards anyone in positions of power who abuse their position and other people in the process – and gain pleasure in doing so.’

HEAR! HEAR!!! Moi!


5 thoughts on “Atos Your Time Will Come Bloody Contract Killers

  1. wunnell says:

    bloody garlic munching, collaborating, surrender monkeys couldn’t beat us at Agincourt so this is their way via the back door!

  2. Humanity2012 says:

    Stuck Up Tory Snobs with More Money than Decency Must Never be in Office

    Never Again must there be a Filthy Tory Government with Liberal Democrat Voting
    Lobby Fodder in Office

    The Suffering of the Poor and Vulnerable Needs to End Now and Forever just as with this Destructive Public Spending Cuts Outrage of Infamy

  3. Humanity2012 says:

    When will Policies be Improved and when will the Secretary of State For Work and
    Pensions be Compelled to Resign ?

  4. fred bloggs says:

    Don’t blame the Tories or LibDems, it was Labour under Tony Blair who introduced ATOS to the trough.


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