Row over DPO role in Capita bid for lucrative assessment contract

By John Pring (Disability News Service)

The UK’s most influential disabled people’s organisation (DPO) has become embroiled in a row over its involvement in helping the outsourcing giant Capita win a multi-million pound benefits assessment contract.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) announced in August that Capita had secured one of three regional contracts to assess claimants of the new personal independence payment (PIP).

But a tender document uncovered by disabled researchers this week appears to show that Disability Rights UK (DR UK) played a significant part in helping Capita secure the contract to assess disabled people in Wales and central England.

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5 thoughts on “Row over DPO role in Capita bid for lucrative assessment contract

  1. jed goodright says:

    Disasblilty Rights UK are also TRAITORS

    selling disabled people down the river for 30 pieces of silver

  2. murphy says:

    They also say in the document that they are employing someone now from within DRUK to analyse feedback from their networks of disabled people; a spy in other words. They also have acquired exclusive rights to remploy sites and intend to recruit ex-remploy workers as part of the drive to employ 40% disabled workers. A lot of these disabled workers are to work from home on the PIP enquiry line. There is a current drive to get disabled people say what kind of work they would like to do if they could; this is being done by disability camapigners. Now we see why. Can we focus on the people living in fear and poverty first please, before we start any process of capitulation and appeasement to Atos and the Government?

  3. jefflph says:

    disabled groups should not be working for the DWP,they are killers.
    its like asking the jews in the war to put other jews on the deat trains.

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