Courts to be asked to declare government’s ILF consultation unlawful

By John Pring (Disability News Service)

Friday, 19 October 2012 14:09

Six disabled people have launched a legal action over the government’s decision to scrap the Independent Living Fund (ILF).

They will ask the courts to declare that the coalition’s public consultation on the proposed closure – which ended last week – was unlawful, and that any decision based on the consultation would also be unlawful.

The case follows a series of high-profile judicial reviews of other such decisions by government departments and other public bodies to slash services and spending due to the coalition’s deficit reduction plan.

The proposed closure of the ILF will see funding passed to local authorities and the devolved administrations in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

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2 thoughts on “Courts to be asked to declare government’s ILF consultation unlawful

  1. jed goodright says:

    what is happening with ILF is the same as the recently devolved powers given to local authorities to provide blue badges – local authorities state clearly the blue badges are theirs and have brought in from somewhere a number of ‘independent’ assessors, mainly old physiotherapists who are always arrogant and rude and know everything about everything to provide ‘impartial’ assessment.

    in essesnce the local authorities are removing blue badges from genuine claimants and basically declaring that nobody will get a blue badge unless they are dead! look out soon as local authorities start removing the disabled parking bays to make way for those more deserving. local authorities are the enemy of the people.

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