Why tomorrow’s TUC march must herald the start of Britain’s counter-offensive to topple the Tories

I’m conscious of the fact that I’m likely to be accused on lacking in ‘solidarity’ again, but when I look at what is happening in Greece and Spain, I can’t help asking what’s the point of a ‘March’ around London on a Sunday afternoon followed by a Rally of ‘Labour’ and trade union bureaucrats?

People are dying, people are living in fear for their lives; what fucking good will more gobshite from Miliband and the TUC do them?

Why do the Left continue to look to these fuckers for leadership?
If we need a General Strike, then let’s organise the rank-and-file, campaign groups, etc. and stop pissing around with the “Grand Old Duke of York” farcial annual pantomines!

These are strong words but appropriate and we fully share in Bob’s anger, frustration and desperation. This just can’t go on any longer.

It is imperative that this time things are different.

After the March 26th ‘March for the Alternative’ in 2011 PCS Union went on national strike on June 30th. The strike turned public opinion in the union’s favour.

The union was able to demonstrate that all the Tory lies about ‘Gold-Plated Pensions’ was pure nonsense and that what the ConDem junta’s pension proposals were really all about was a ‘race-to-the-bottom’ and another raid on the pensions pot.

Even Jeremy Warner, assistant editor of Britain’s right-wing Daily Telegraph was clear on that point.

Then on November 30th last year we had the magnificent one-day general strike.

The biggest since 1926.

And then, Dave Prentis and others capitualted and agreed to accept Francis Maude’s ‘heads of agreement’, which effectively put an end to the dispute before Christmas.

General Secretaries, including Mark Serwotka of PCS, made clear their anger at what the vast majority of members regarded as a sell-out on their pensions. 1.1 million Unison members had made up the largest voice on the picket just 3 weeks earlier.

Nothing was gained.

Union members still have to work longer, pay more and receive less in their old age.

That is, if they still have a job! 270,000 public sector were lost last year and estimates for this year are in the same region.

So while folk march up and down tomorrow in London, grassroots union members and activists need to get on the same hymn sheet as Bob, DPAC and Black Triangle. And bloody quickly at that!

A few days ago we posted an article by Aditya Chakraborrti which shows the true scale of planned Tory/LibDem public sector cuts: Within just five years public spending in Britain as a percentage of GDP will be lower than the United States.

Put bluntly, there will no longer be a public sector worthy of the name.

We are facing total meltdown.

And with recent pronouncements from Liam Byrne, Shadow DWP, that Neo-Labour (as in Neoliberal) will cut further from the social security budget (as if there’ll be anything left to cut!) if they win the next election and Ed Miliscab having told the BBC that he’s prepared for marches and strikes against austerity when he gets in ~ well, Bob is right, isn’t he?

We need to self-organise in our communities and workplaces and declare war on this criminal ConDem junta. 

It’s time for each one of us to step up to the plate now and do our duty.

Tomorrow’s march will be utterly in vain if it does not signal the beginning of a real fightback.

Disabled People, Workers, Students, Unemployed Workers, Teachers, Doctors, Nurses:

We must ALL UNITE AS ONE NOW to defeat this tri-partite neoliberal attack on the 99%.

Black Triangle and DPAC will be out in force and our banner will read: 


The counter-attack must start now and not a minute later!

This is about more than just jobs and pensions ~ vital as they are.

These cuts are KILLING us! People are DYING!

This is about human LIVES!

If union bosses get in the way they must step aside for the rank-and-file! 

God help us all in Britain if we fail in our duty.

~ Black Triangle Campaign











17 thoughts on “Why tomorrow’s TUC march must herald the start of Britain’s counter-offensive to topple the Tories

  1. kelpimare says:

    Oh how I want to be there with you all. I can’t but i wish you success…..and sincerely pray that neo-liberals will get kicked out of labour, permitting good sense and a sense of social justice to prevail.

  2. jed goodright says:

    Quite apart from the coalition government, the Labour Party nor the TUC give a fuck about disabled people. Part of me wants this to succeed but most of me thinks it will be a total disaster. Then where will we all be? I fear for the future – my future, everyone’s future exept for the expense loving, entitlement stained, scumbag politicians and the nazis.

  3. jeffery davies says:

    i agree with jed its without doubt ed will not change or do much with atos dwp so there would not be change ,as the only hting ed was shouting about was bringing tony back in from the cold well if this jgob shitte gets back into the party i would think they be on the outside looking in once again ,as this man ed only has eyes for blair hasnt he heard hes his own man why bring blair back when he done us with atos unum its eneough he hurts us every day with this quango of atos dwp its a shame when they all dont or wont say anything about it and thats frieghtening for us who disabled and sick after working most of our lives only to become ill and that for me labour will not do much of anything for the disabled eds very quiet on this subject only that atos he wouldnt be changing that ohwell another one for the knackers yard jeff3

  4. Stevie Bee says:

    Totally agree with the author … the right have gone to far..the left are not supporting the working class…the real weath creators! Welfare (esp for the sick, vulnerable and disabled) all but gone, NHS all but Privatised..and many many other cuts still to come from April next year…The ConDemns are SCUM..everyone can see austerity is NOT working but they got their idealogical blinkers on….I’ll be at the March tomorrow..aged 62..all the way from Manchester..a long trip for me..but we can’t wait longer for a TOTAL General Strike NOW. Hit them where it hurts..in their greedy pockets…I have NEVER been this angry about politicians in my whole life..This is a Coalition of Eugenecists..THEY HAVE TO GO…and as for Millipede..UNless he grows a pair tomorrow at the Hyde Park rally…I hope he gets booed off the stage! As for where to turn Jed…take a look at the new emerging party Democracy2015 on FB…People Politics..Not Power politics 🙂

  5. jeffrey l petch-harrison says:

    by the way our so called leader have been caught stealing from us yet again.
    buying houses on tax payers money and then renting them out,then buying another house.
    jeff will these basterds ever have any shame..

  6. Joanna Terry says:

    My main concern is getting rid of this pack of hyenas as soon as possible, I will vote for whoever has the best chance, then will keep working towards getting the justice we deserve until the day I die. That means bringing these crooks to trial, nothing less will do and trying to get a proper democracy going that does not dis-enfranchise us between elections. I have already persuaded people that haven’t voted for years to do so this time, you never know, waking people up feels good. Neo-liberal, neo-facist, I see no difference, the trick seems to be to stop them being “got at” by the large organisations that work behind the scene to corrupt our politics. Once the leeches have been kicked out, vigilance is then required to stop them getting back in again, this is our future.

    1. kelpimare says:

      It is a pity that Iain Duncan-Smith doesn’t see fit to give benefit claimants the same consideration he gave a nephew in that, being sent to prison on drug and fraud crimes, he arranged a pardon for him. (Paul Ferris biography-“Vendetta”).
      Perhaps that’s where we have gone wrong….we have not sought to defraud anyone (unlike banks…Libor, anyone?) and the only drugs we partake of, is prescribed by real doctors.

  7. jed goodright says:

    “Ed Miliband to tell anti-cuts march: hard choices for whoever is in power”

    Don’t expect too much from labour despite the fact it would be good to fuck the tories.
    Miliband is proving beyond doubt that he’s enjoying the ‘power’ to control that he has and he thinks disabled people should pay their way – the man is as much a turd as cameron

  8. simmo says:

    Totally agree with Bob Williams Findlay – we the electorate are a political football being kicked about by all political parties and the unions ,it’s time for action.A general strike would re-balance the perception that the ‘haves ‘see the working class as nothing more than their meal ticket ,without us they wouldn’t be where they are.Never bite the hand that feeds you -over time they’ve done more than just bite it,they have crippled it and still aren’t satisfied ,its time we taught them that they are in place to serve the country ,US not their own egotistical ideologies and greed.

  9. ODIN says:

    I wish I could believe that enough people out there actually care about whats being done to the disabled and vulnerable but i don’t think they do. As long as they can go out drinking at the weekends and have their little holidays and their shopping trips I really don’t think they give a toss. Not enough people are suffering YET but they will then i hope it’s not too late.

  10. Andrew Healey says:

    It’s not just the politicians we have to beat, it’s the establishment. When the Dept of Trade and Industry tell the Police not to hunt and prosecute the utterly corrupt banking sector. When we have Judges failing to do their duty in sentencing these criminals to the time they deserve in prison, ( long sentences at that) for the obvious fraud they have and still are committing. When we have the political elite or the spoiled little rich kids and that’s all they are, they never left school their level of intelligence shows that. When the police refuse to arrest them for being complicit in the greatest fraud and theft of public money in history, While there are Honest Judges and Senior Police Officers who are unwilling to bring this debacle to an end, probably because of pressure from their superiors, it will be an endless fight. The brainwashed idiots who read the Sun, Torygraph, Daily Heil, and the rest of the right wing press, including the local rags refuse to see beyond the propaganda and actually start to think for themselves, they make the fight even harder. The corrupt union leaders dipping into the pockets of the criminals, whose only concern is their own welfare. The only political party that spoke for the ordinary workers hijacked by Fabien Socialists and used as a tool against the very people for whom the party was formed. Only when these travesties of justice are sorted once and for all, can we truly start to fight back.We need honest MP’s from all parties to cross the floor as one and say enough is enough. Give the police back their power and everyone who has been complicit in all these massive crimes, from illegal wars, to the mass fraud in the financial sector must be arrested tried and convicted, have their ill gotten gains seized and put back into the public purse. Truly Independent and honest MP’s must stand together to remove this shower of NAZI scum and the ones waiting in the wings, common sense must prevail, Justice and decency must be brought back to Britain. Every day we see on the History channel, see this is how Hitler did it, the consequences are shown to us all and the comparisons are frightening and exact. No one is above the Law

  11. jed goodright says:

    Funny old week though. On the one hand there’s the tragedy of Cameron with Mitchell, Shapps and Osborne plus the fuel price lark – all very amusing. On the other hand there are disabled people at this minute working on ideas to suggest to government about how to enable people with fluctuating illness/disability get into work within the current welfare framework.

    There’s trouble ahead. I don’t understand why there are those who appear to want appeasement. They could be the downfall of everything disabled people want for themselves and their families – justice. Hope this goes well BUT……

  12. Humanity2012 says:

    The Official Opposition has Failed to be much of an Opposition since the Day of
    Tragedy May 11th 2010

    Too Many have been like Sleepwalkers when what we have Needed is Political

    They were more Clued On in 1983 with Withdrawal from the EEC Bureaucratic Mess
    and Scrapping Nuclear Weapons through Sadly the Gomless British Public were Not

    We Need Caring Redistribution of Wealth from Rich to Poor Government Not
    Crisis and Misery of Capitalism

    1. jed goodright says:

      there is no ‘official opposition’. Miliband – he who has never worked for a living – wants to maintain the cuts agenda and presents neo-liberal policies. he is only interested in the poor and disabled in so far as they can work for their benfits. Miliband is a continuation of the fascist regimes that run this coun try.

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