Google Cache Strikes Again – Get Yer Atos Corporate Secrets

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Once again the DWP are reduced to scurrying around trying to hide documents after their lack of competence at the internet has been revealed to the world. 

And once again they’ve been caught out by the notorious google cache.  The tender documents for the Personal Independence Payment contracts on the website have now been changed to protected PDFs, meaning information can not be copied and pasted therefore the redacted material cannot be viewed.

Unfortunately for Atos and the DWP, the documents are still available by googling the original urls on which they were hosted and then clicking on Quick View.

So the Atos Tender for London and the South East, complete with bodged redactions, can be found by clicking:

To find out the names of sub-contractors:

To download as a PDF go to the File option on the top left of the screen and select Download Original.  Then simply copy and paste any redacted text into wordpad to reveal secret Atos facts such as their claim that they have assets currently on the balance sheet worth a whopping £180billion.

The tenders for Scotland and Northern England can be found at:

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5 thoughts on “Google Cache Strikes Again – Get Yer Atos Corporate Secrets

    1. Skep says:

      Save them to your own googledocs first papasmurf. If you have a gmail email you’ll have access to your own googledocs account too, then you can download them from there.

  1. Esther Angel says:

    If you go to “File”, then “Print PDF”, it will give you the option to save it! If you have a Google account you can also save it in Google docs.

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