AtoS lies about having consulted Black Triangle’s sister organisation DPAC over PIP assessments contract

DPAC want to make it very clear that we  are not and will never be involved with Atos except as challengers to their process which leaves 73 people per week dead through taking their own lives or through being disabled /ill and which leaves other without income.

Nor do we support either Atos or Capita contracts for carrying out PIP assessments.

DPAC are seeking legal advice and will be challenging ATOS claims in their PIP tender that they have consulted with us about PIP. Of course maybe they mean they read our leaflets when we’ve been protesting around the country both inside and outside their offices.

Maybe their CEO has been suffering from hallucinations.

Also we have not been involved in any meaningful dialogue with DWP over the Independent Living Fund’s future.

This is what ATOS said untruthfully in their tender

Atos has a successful record of engagement with Claimant Representative Groups (CRG), Special Interest and Pressure Groups who represent claimants affected by sickness and/or disability, and we have experience and understanding of the challenges and opportunities that this presents.

We make sure that we have clear objectives, and a solid understanding of the engagement intent and messaging. 

CRGs are important both as representative groups of claimants with
expertise on specific disability issues and as the first port of call
for claimant concerns with service delivery. Establishing relationships based on honesty and trust will help Atos and the Authority to improve overall understanding of PIP across a wide range of groups, and will feed into continuous service improvement. 

We engage with 

  • Citizens Advice, 
  • Mencap,
  • MIND, 
  • Disability Rights UK, 
  • Macmillan Cancer Support, 
  • SENSE, 
  • Rethink, 
  • RNIB, 
  • DPAC,
  • Northern Ireland Association for Mental Health, 
  • National Autistic Society and 
  • the Scottish Association of Mental Health

amongst others at a national level and regularly meet with
representatives at a local level to explain our role and discuss their
concerns. We currently have a database of more than 300 local CRGs for outbound communications.


There is also this from paragraph 7 on page 31

We currently pro-actively monitor websites and social media using the
expertise of our suppliers Big Mouth Media for mentions of Atos and
disability assessments, and we will extend this during PIP. These
on-line services are an opportunity for local and national engagement
with the Atos team, and for the general public to draw areas of concern
to our attention. 


2 thoughts on “AtoS lies about having consulted Black Triangle’s sister organisation DPAC over PIP assessments contract

  1. jeffery davies says:

    you got to laugh honest trust they say from day one they lied and would not now how to tell the truth honest they say go on pull the other one haha atos tell the truth jeff3

  2. Joanna Terry says:

    Would have loved to have tweeted this article, any chance of getting a button. Meanwhile I cannot express my disgust at this hi-jacking of an organisation that has done so much for the disabled community and bringing us into the spotlight- would love to see legal action taken to stop them from doing this again.

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