A WARNING Tweet sent to @blacktriangle1 from a comrade in Greece ~ DO NOT read if you are offended.

A Tweet sent to @blacktriangle1 from a comrade in Greece as a warning to us not to stand idly by while our ConDem régime destroys our country with cuts and austerity and a warning to the Left not to allow the BNP and the EDL/SDL any breathing space to thrive:

Stratos Safioleas (@stratosathens)

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#Greece:translation-Golden Dawn MP
#youtube link: http://owl.li/epuZD


This is a translation of the video linked just above.

DO NOT read if you are offended.

It’s crude, racist language all the way.Context: Outside the theater Chytyrio of Athens, members of the pro-nazi party Golden Dawn assaulted viewers and actors of a theater play the consider blasphemous.

The man you watched, in white shirt, is a Member of the Greek Parliament Ilias Panagiotaros.

As he threatens, and curses viewers and actors, while the police doesn’t even bother to intervene.

Again: stop here, if you are offended, although you should read this, and RT it, especially if you live in Europe.

In times like this the importance of European solidarity is paramount.

If you are a friend of Greece, your help is needed. Now, not later.Translation [starting from 0:12] 

“You little cunt, wrap it up. Did you get that? Wrap it up you little faggots. You “sticking-it-in-the-ass”, fuckers, actors my ass. Yes, just keep staring at me you little hooker. Your time is up. Film, go ahead film [me] [Something I don’t understand ending] you are fucked by the Pakistanis. You fucking Albanian assholes, eh, you fucking Albanian assholes.”

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The road of cuts and austerity is the road of fascism!






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Greek fascist Golden Dawn Party vows to throw migrants out of hospital, during speech by Ilias Panagiotaros on June 11 at Floivos in Piraeus. He also threatened violence on MPs who dared propose a compromise with Fyrom over the naming issue. Panagiotaros, who was elected to parliament on May 6, is standing for re-election on June 17. An excerpt from his speech was played on Star television.




9 thoughts on “A WARNING Tweet sent to @blacktriangle1 from a comrade in Greece ~ DO NOT read if you are offended.

  1. jed goodright says:

    The establishment have ‘fixed’ the disabled problem. If you can breath you are not disabled. You are only entitled to any benefit if you are dead. They have moved on to bombing Iran and Syria.

    Meanwhile those purportedly of understanding and compassion – labour, the TUC, charities – stand idly by.

    Even more meanwhile, the EU wins the Nobel Peace Prize. Doesn’t anybody see the travesty of this?

  2. ODIN says:

    The British people seem to have forgot what the Nazi party did in Germany then the world, why have they forgotten? because it’s not affecting them, YET. The only way evil thrives is when good people do nothing.

    Many good people have died in the past to protect us from tyranny and fascism, to do nothing now is like spitting on their graves. Everyone needs to be reminded of the fact that Hitler and other dictators came to power on lies having scapegoats to blame and the apathy of the people. There is an old saying “there is nothing new under the sun” I hope history will not repeat itself.

    May common sense prevail.

  3. Serenity says:

    It’s starting already this was the plan from the outset, look at the media headlines today EU, the gov told to pay benefits and health care to migrants, well they brought them here let them bloody well pay for it, they knew the rules before today surely?
    As they are in the process of skinning alive their own citizens on benefits they hope there will be no sympathy for migrants, classic divide and conquer tactics.
    Learn your lessons well do not vote for the big three or far right parties ie UKIP. Vote for socialist parties socials worker or socialist labour et al.

  4. jed goodright says:

    Is there not some story doing the rounds about USA involvement in Greece to do with OIL????
    maybe here : http://hat4uk.wordpress.com/
    we all know how keen the Americans are to be democratic about everything including other people’s resources

    ODIN my comments are ‘real’ and I do value your comments, thanks.

    1. ODIN says:

      Jed, without someone who writes with your intelligence and passion for justice the people would be losing one good fighter, see you can fight with the pen rather than the sword that’s why I beg you not to give up, the world would be a lesser place without you. One good honest person is worth 20 political lying thieves.

  5. Linda Nightingale says:

    These far right groups are scumbags like our BNP. They use scapegoats like immigrints whilst diverting attention from the real culprits. The bankers who have caused this mess. I feel for the greek people, but facist parties will bring them nothing but disaster.

  6. Vee StJohn-Byles says:

    It is absolutely obvious the whole reason that the governmetnrepeaters have put headlines across papers saying ‘migrants must get benefits’ gps must treat migrants’ etc is to endeavour to wind up people who are already at their wits end financially, and who take it out on disability groups, in fact anyone ‘different. So the introduction right in their faces over their breakfast table on on the TV of these deliberate tactics is SURE to stir up hatred and dissent.

    That is what the powers that be are waiting for. They are wanting to stir people up into a vicious frenzy, so that they too can be ‘dealt with’. As other people have said, basic divide and rule tactics. They are going to chuck everything at us they can and try to stir up even more angst.

    Watch out and be careful. Do not lose your cool and do not therefore PLAY their games.I send
    much love.

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