Conservative conference: Alarm as Osborne announces new £10bn welfare cuts

By John Pring, Disability News Service.

The chancellor has sparked an angry reaction after pledging to make another £10 billion worth of benefit cuts in the first year after the next general election.

George Osborne made the promise – later backed by work and pensions secretary Iain Duncan Smith – in a speech to the annual Conservative party conference in Birmingham.

The promised cuts to welfare spending will come on top of reductions of £18 billion during the five years of the current parliament.

Neil Coyle, director of policy and campaigns for Disability Rights UK, said: “We never saw a full impact assessment for the last set of cuts and how they will affect disabled people.

“Most of those measures have not been implemented and yet the government is already looking to cut more from disadvantaged groups, including disabled people.”

He said he believed the government would find some of the £10 billion in cuts by extending personal independence payment – the planned replacement for working-age disability living allowance – to older people.

John McArdle, a founding member of the grassroots disabled people’s organisation Black Triangle, said the organisation was hearing “heart-breaking” stories every day about disabled people “living in absolute fear and dread” because of cuts to benefits and other support.

He said: “What more is there to cut? People are already dying from neglect because of these cuts. If you cut more, more people will die.”


5 thoughts on “Conservative conference: Alarm as Osborne announces new £10bn welfare cuts

  1. DAVID A SHAW says:

    Tories are inhuman anti-disabled fascists. You no longer need to be afraid to call them this, as the proof of their hatred of the vulnerable in society is there for all to see.

  2. Serenity says:

    Also using the NHS to euthanasia of the elderly except it’s not painless dying of thirst or neglect, proper euthanasia would be painless and quick but this is not an option as they can not admit this is what’s going on.
    The nazi’s called it the final solution the more modern term would be austerity.

  3. jeffery davies says:

    oh well thats us gone 10bill off i thought 33 pounds wasnt much but if he takes that and all well its the end but how can he look you in the eye and do this its humane and it doesnt even register with him that he will kill people with it and that the tory party hasnt a soul at all jeff3

  4. Findlow says:

    But look at this Work Programme gravy-train. OK for some….

    “A senior civil servant who was in charge of the government’s welfare-to-work schemes has resigned – to join one of the companies he was overseeing.

    Alan Cave was a director at the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP), overseeing the Work Programme.

    He is quitting to join Serco, the main contractors on the Work Programme in Yorkshire and the West Midlands”.

  5. Humanity2012 says:

    I Have had the Common Sense Never to Vote for the Tories

    They are Arrogant Ignorant and Out of Touch I Warned People what the Tories
    would be like but they did Not have the Intelligence of Natural Common Sense

    It makes myself ANGRY how DOCILE the ” Great ” British Public are Feckless
    and Supine as Well

    No to Austerity/Euthanasia/Eugenics or Government by Out of Touch Millionaires

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