Attorney General may block Chris Grayling’s plan to leave the European Convention on Human Rights ~ warns Britain would become a “pariah state” like Belarus


By Holly Watt, Whitehall Editor

5:20PM BST 09 Oct 2012 

The Attorney General today indicated that he may block any Conservative plan to leave the European Convention on Human Rights warning that Britain would become a “pariah state” comparable to Belarus. 

Former DWP Minister – Now Justice Secretary Chris Grayling


Dominic Grieve intervened after Chris Grayling, the Justice Secretary, refused to rule out leaving the convention following a radical review of Britain’s human rights laws.

Mr Grayling told the Daily Telegraph yesterday that:

“the current human rights framework under which we are operating has gone badly wrong”

and said he “ruled nothing in and nothing out” in regards to leaving the ECHR.

However, Mr Grieve rejected withdrawal.

He said:

“The policy, as I understand it, is what I was talking about it, a continuing review of how the Human Rights Act and the ECHR function. There is no government policy on withdrawing from the Convention on Human Rights.”

Mr Grieve pointed out that if the UK left the ECHR it would become a “pariah state,” adding that the only European country not bound by the ECHR is Belarus, which has a poor human rights record.

“It would put us in a group of countries that would make very odd bedfellows,” said Mr Grieve, warning that such a move would “jeopardise” the UK’s international standing.

He added that Britain’s emphasis on the rule of law means that it is perceived around the world as the “pinnacle” in these issues and cautioned against abandoning this position.

Mr Grayling became Justice Secretary at the last reshuffle, raising eyebrows among the legal community, which expected someone with a legal background to be given the job.

Mr Grayling is also the Lord Chancellor, and is the first non-lawyer to hold the title in modern times.

In a speech to conference on Tuesday, Mr Grayling said he was giving home-owners further rights in defending their homes.

“I think householders acting instinctively and honestly in self defence are victims not criminals. They should be treated that way. That’s why we are going to deal with this issue once and for all,”

said Mr. Grayling.

Meanwhile as he was returning to his hotel on Monday evening, Mr Greive was confronted by four youths who demanded to know what he was doing in Birmingham.

Mr Grieve announced:

“I am the Attorney General of England and Wales!”

After which the four youths fled.

The Daily Telegraph

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8 thoughts on “Attorney General may block Chris Grayling’s plan to leave the European Convention on Human Rights ~ warns Britain would become a “pariah state” like Belarus

  1. DAVID A SHAW says:

    Further evidence that Grayling is a fascist and wishes the UK to become a pariah state, he is a sociopath of the highest order, and has been driven insane by the ideology of hate and terror that he lives by on a daily basis.

  2. Gary says:

    It is frightening enough on the issue of human rights for the disabled. Grayling is there to dissect all rights for any protection given to the disabled. To reverse the advances that so many fought and died for is a dangerous path.

  3. jed goodright says:

    Nobody has asked for these changes. This is driven by dogma and ideology. The rich want a pliant workforce to create the wealth for them. If it means a return to Victoriana that’s what they will do – after all they are not getting their hands dirty – although in time they will be covered in our blood.

    It is difficult singling out one more parasitic than the other – they are all in it together – more entitled parasites I’ve never know.

  4. Paul Davidson says:

    May I quote my own writing’s that I copied from a website on Human Right’s this was in 2009. after being forced to move in to a tiny filthy delaperdated and dangerous bungalow. under threat of legal sanctions if I did not comply with my service provider ‘ABUSER’.

    Article 19. Living Indipendantly and being included in the community. Law Convention on the right’s of person’s with disabilities. U.N.Human Right’s.

    A). Person’s with Disabilities have the opportunity to chose their place of residence and where and with whome they live on an equal basis with others.


    My trusted by Grant Shapp’s no less abused me forcing me to move to a disgusting hell hole for no other purpous but to cause me great harm which it did I almost died after suffering a major panic attack. they had already caused me to attmpt suicide in 2004. and later.

    I sent our own Human Right’s Commission so much evicence of many an abuse. yet they filed to act not even a comment no advice no support no care. Just this year I contacted Grant shap’s for help again no help no support no care last year I showed my local ward counsellors the main evidence they ignored me but this may when they were up for election and campaigning locally one of them shoved my evidence in my habd wihout comment knowing I was saving up money to pay for my funeral and trying to write a letter to the coroner.

    Sinse the Human Right’s Commission let me down I had to flee my home only to jump out of the fire in to the frying pan only to wait to be moved yet again they chose where I move to. they just around 8 week’s back tried to move me to another hell hole just ‘SIX DORR’S AWAY FROM MY NEIGHBOUR FROM HELL WHO ABUSED ME FOR OVER SIX YEARS. WITH THE FULL KNOWLEDGE AND SUPPORT OF MY ABUSICVE HOUSING PROVIDER).

    I’m sure someone in admin here will hit the panic button and ‘DELETE’). But id so at least keep a copy and shae it with the free world away from this TYRANICAL ABUSIVE STATE U.K.

    Paul Davidson Ongoing VICTIM.

  5. ODIN says:

    We seriously need to get rid of these Nazi Bastards, shame on all Liberal Democrats who have sold their Humanity and compassion for a term in government. We will never forget what they have done to us, the libdems should do the right thing and pull out of the coalition and force another general election. Oh and by the way Grayling is a Nazi murdering C**t and if I ever see him I will kick his teeth in.

  6. jeffery davies says:

    yes just about right so that they can kill more of us who cant fight back the sick and disabled and would suppose the unemployed that would help them no one to point fingers at them jeff3

  7. Serenity says:

    Did you hear Scameron yesterday? Bitching and whining about China and how we need to compete with them, well to do that human rights will have too go, so we can look forward to 6 year old kids working 18 hour days 7 days a week, sleeping on the factory floor and only earning barely enough for a meagre potion of rice.
    Vive La Revolution me thinks.

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