Tory Bint ‘Ruthless’ Davidson in pro-UK rallying call ~ Fails to raise a cheer in Kilmarnock

Tory Bint in Anti-Scottish Pleb Union Call


Tory conference: Scottish Tory Bint Ruth Davidson in pro-UK rallying call

8 October 2012 Last updated at 11:46

Pro-Unionists must win emphatically in the Scottish independence referendum, the Scottish Tory leader has told her party conference.

Addressing the Birmingham gathering, Ruth Davidson said it was a privilege to be part of the Union.

Later she will speak to a fringe gathering in which she will attack the role of the state.

She is expected to say it is staggering that public sector expenditure makes up 50% of Scotland’s GDP.

During her main conference speech, Ms Davidson called on the Tories to join the campaign to keep the UK intact.

A referendum on Scottish independence is expected to be held in the autumn of 2014.

Ms Davidson said: “The United Kingdom is a family home where all relations are equally welcome. We have heard talk before about the pain of separation and the effect of divorce, but what we really need to talk about now is what makes the UK a good place to be.

“Genuinely happy families don’t stay together because of the fear of divorce, they stay together instinctively because their relationships work and they can’t begin to imagine a life apart.

“When times are good they love each other’s company and when times are bad they give each other support and reassurance.

“Most people experience doubts from time to time and few relationships exist without difficulties. And sometimes even the most devoted need little reminders of why they stay together.”

At lunchtime the MSP attended a fringe meeting in which she claimed that only 12% of households contribute to Scotland’s wealth.

She describe the statistic, taken from figures released by the Office for National Statistics, as “frightening” and pointed out that public sector expenditure made up half of Scotland’s GDP.

She believed Scotland should expand its private sector to build prosperity and increase opportunity.

Public sector

Ms Davidson told delegates that removing the “restraint of government diktat” is the best way to lift people out of dependency.

She said: “So little moves in Scotland without government approval and anyone who dares challenge the status quo is deemed an enemy of the state.

“Maybe it’s because we stand up against the political establishment that some Scottish commentators have been indecently keen to write us off.

“But the rotten system of patronage which denies so many people real choices in their lives has created a corrosive sense of entitlement which suits its political gang-masters.

“It is staggering that public sector expenditure makes up a full 50% of Scotland’s GDP and only 12% of households are net contributors, where the taxes they pay outweigh the benefits they receive through public spending.

“Only 12% are responsible for generating Scotland’s wealth. I wonder how many of them work on public sector contracts. It’s not just staggering, it’s frightening.”

On the first full day of the Tory conference, Chancellor George Osborne said that the government was determined to cut a further £10bn from the benefits budget to fight the deficit.

His keynote speech set out new ideas such as removing the rise in child support benefits jobless parents receive as they have more children.

But ruled out a levy on high-value properties sought by Lib Dems.

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7 thoughts on “Tory Bint ‘Ruthless’ Davidson in pro-UK rallying call ~ Fails to raise a cheer in Kilmarnock

  1. Serenity says:

    Funny how it’s only Scotland being attacked when Wales and NI have pretty much the same concessions in place of course they are not having a referendum on independence. Well not yet!
    What about London children are entitled too free travel until 18, pensioners are entitled too a bus pass from age 60 also housing benefit in London for a two bed flat is £12.000 per year, while the rest of the UK are denied these privileges.

  2. Humanity2012 says:

    I have Believed in British Unity but I do Not Support the Tories wherever in
    England Scotland or Wales as their Policies are so Ignorant and Rubbish

    It is Truly Orwellian a Grouping of Rich Toffs giving Lessons upon Austerity
    whilst they go Back to their Posh Residences

  3. Paul Davidson says:

    My Grandfather Davidson. Originated from Glasgow. He came to the North of England to better himself like many others. He gave his life on Flander’s Field’s. Fighting for justice and freedom against tyranny as did his son, my father Both James Henry. Loyalist Upbringing for sure.

    We this Geardie Davidson has always been ashamed to be ‘ENGLISH’. As I have both witnessed and endured so much Opression abuse and stigma. much of it Government made aas they dish out their Rule Britania powers on the unsuspecting masses they keep for slave’s to feed the rich and powerful.

    I ty to speak out against many abuse yet it’s Government policy and local Government that stiffles my voice as I sit here a long term victim of abuses carried out with the knowlwdge of Local Government knowledge. and that of Grant Shapp’s who refused to investigate .

    I pray one day Scotland will be independant and that they will give me ‘Political Asylum’. and bring me home where my heart has always been.

    Independence and frewdom of choice bring communitie’s together not ‘Rule by Britania’.

  4. Serenity says:

    I have always been for the union, I believe it was this union which made us great, I have nothing against the English they are a fine people. It’s the bunch of megalomaniac, sociopaths who dominate our political parties who strike fear into my heart these lunatics wish too destroy everything which made this country great.

  5. jed goodright says:

    Ms Davidson said: “The United Kingdom is a family home where all relations are equally welcome. We have heard talk before about the pain of separation and the effect of divorce, but what we really need to talk about now is what makes the UK a good place to be.

    The UK is NOT a good place to be for the majority of the population. For disabled people it is becoming increasingly like prison. This woman is a fantasist, a dangerous fantasist. The only way we can remove her and her ilk from power is by the instigation of civil unrest and bloody revolution. There are too many propaganda obsessed idiots out there who know no better. This is war. Except nobody seems to be listening.

  6. Mick Swann says:

    I am from England and I live in Scotland, it is my home and I have no desire whatsoever to return to that unhappy, unfree land in the south (I love my right to roam far too much to go back “there”).
    I am grateful to the evil Tory witch for her work on behalf of the No campaign, whenever a Tory speaks out against independence our chances of getting it edge up by a couple of percent.
    The only problem I forsee would be that an independent Scotland would have to deal with a flood of refugees coming from England to get away from whichever of the Tory parties gets in in 2015.

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