SNP ducks question over Atos sponsorship of Glasgow 2014

The Scottish National Party (SNP) has refused to say if “fitness for work” contractor Atos should be allowed to sponsor the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games, even though more than half of its MSPs have publicly criticised the company.

Glasgow 2014 looks set to face even fiercer protests than London 2012 over the decision to accept sponsorship money from Atos, which carries out the much-criticised work capability assessments (WCAs) that decide eligibility for out-of-work disability benefits.


4 thoughts on “SNP ducks question over Atos sponsorship of Glasgow 2014

  1. Charles Sutherland-Boyce says:

    This refusal to state an affirmative or negative response to this question smacks of another double-dealing sell out in the offing. What a way to gain peoples confidence in the run up to the National referendum on Independence! I, for one, will not be attending these games, which advertise a French company not a Scottish as it should be!

    By the way, I am disabled, an doubt if my lone boycott will be noticed! What do you intend to do?

  2. jeffery davies says:

    it just beggers beleif after whot they said about this firm they going to take money off them and no words fail me another lot selling out and they want your support jeff3

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