Lord Fraud “The JSA amount is £64, or whatever the precise figures is”: JSA is £71 & £56.25 for young people

Lord Freud Doesn’t Know How Much JSA Is!

Posted on September 21, 2012 by johnny void | 16 Comments

Lord David Freud

Lord Fraud, the comedy toff who also happens to be Minister for Welfare Reform, doesn’t even know how much the weekly unemployment benefit  Jobseekers Allowance (JSA) is worth.

Speaking recently to the Work and Pensions Select Committee the former banker stated:

“the JSA amount is £64, or whatever the precise figures is.”

JSA is £71 for those over 25 and £56.25 for younger people.

Lord Fraud’s  staggering ignorance of the benefits system is far more telling than often repeated stories about out of touch ministers not knowing the price of a pint of milk.  Lord Fraud has been involved with welfare reform since 2006 and is currently attempting the biggest changes to the benefits system since the birth of the Welfare State.

Had he actually been doing any real work then it might be expected that the basic facts about the most common benefits would be burnt into his brain.  After all, it is his fucking job to know these things. 

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2 thoughts on “Lord Fraud “The JSA amount is £64, or whatever the precise figures is”: JSA is £71 & £56.25 for young people

  1. ODIN says:

    Revolution is beginning to look more and more appealing to me, if the Bastards think we are going into the dark night without a whimper they had better think again, I would rather die for the future of my Grandchildren and children than to cower down to these evil Nazi Bastards and I don’t give a shit if they know it.

    Who do these Tossers think they are? They think that they are the Norman Conquerors and we are the lowly Saxons? We will fight and we will fight again until you Posh evil inhuman excuses for sentient beings get it into what’s left of your shriveled up walnuts of brains, you made the mistake of taking on EDUCATED peasants, yes I’ll repeat that EDUCATED.

    Seriously we have to do something Now! Surely it cannot be legal for people to be left destitute and starving, not in the 21st century? Maybe the Illuminati are real and in government, here, now.

    1. Ken Boyd says:

      Damn right. I am seriously with you on this, and there are countless more who’ll stand by our sides when the day comes; and that day is coming real fast …..

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