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Posted on September 19, 2012 in Wings Over Scotland by Rev. Stuart Campbell


If you’re still not convinced that the UK coalition government’s plans to “reform” welfare – by slashing tens of billions of pounds from the DWP’s budget, in order to fund tax cuts for the rich – are an example of pure, unambiguous evil at work, we suggest you spend half an hour reading this page and the ones linked at the bottom of it.

Done that? Filled with boiling rage and an urge to commit violent acts of revolution? Good. That suggests that you’re a vaguely decent human being with at least some basic level of compassion for the most vulnerable people in society. Congratulations.

It probably also means you’re NOT a Labour Party politician or activist, because a 2010 report from the Institute of Fiscal Studies (entitled “Not much disagreement on welfare reform”) pointed out that Labour’s policy on the brutal state persecution of the poor and the crippled – like its policies in almost all other areas – differs from that of the Tories and Lib Dems only in degree and speed, and even then only slightly. 

That won’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s been paying any attention at all over the last few years, of course.

The sarcastically-named “Atos Healthcare” were first unleashed on disabled people by Labour, Labour introduced the Work Capability Assessment test – under which dozens of people have been found “fit to work” and then promptly and selfishly died of their terminal illnesses – and Labour pioneered the idea of workfare too.

The coalition is merely continuing and accelerating a programme of measures that Labour started and which Labour still supports.

But what does all this have to do with Scottish independence?

The answer, of course, is that the vindictive, murderous attack on the disadvantaged and defenceless is only possible under the Union.

Who says so? Not us, but the government’s own Work and Pensions Secretary, Iain Duncan Smith.

We’re paraphrasing his words for dramatic effect, of course, right? Wrong.

“The Work and Pensions Secretary – in Glasgow for a welfare reform conference – defended his plan to replace a string of benefits with a single payout called Universal Credit, stressing how “only the Union could offer this sort of wholesale reform”.”

We have to admit, we’re staggered that the Secretary of State, who doesn’t even support the latest round of welfare cuts, would have so clumsily handed the independence campaign such a large, six-inch-nail-studded stick to beat the Union with.

Unless, that is, he did it on purpose.

Because the only possible explanations are:

(a) he’s a complete idiot

(b) he thinks driving the sick to suicide is a surefire vote-winner, or 

(c) the Tories actually want the nationalists to win the referendum.

We’re going to be generous and discount (a).

Dismayingly, there may well be some truth in (b), as a constant diet of “benefit scroungers” stories in the right-wing press for the last 25 years has had a malign effect on public opinion, as shown in the British Social Attitudes Survey published this week.

(Click the “Welfare” tab at the bottom of this document to see the chilling extent to which the public has been deliberately conditioned to regard benefit recipients as undeserving, lazy, parasitical burdens on the taxpayer.)


But as for (c), there’s a growing body of opinion in the Scottish chattering classes that feels the Tories do want to rid themselves of a country that regularly returns 40+ Labour MPs to Westminster.

We’ve never been convinced by it before now, feeling that a combination of genuine ideological commitment to the Union and fondness for Scottish oil revenues persuaded Conservatives that they needed to hang onto the ungrateful Jocks, at least until the North Sea was sucked dry.

But with more and more figures showing that Scottish independence would – in and of itself – make very little difference to the finances of either Scotland or the remaining UK; it may be that the Tories have decided that now is the time to cash in on the electoral benefits, particularly as it becomes apparent that austerity isn’t working and the polls suggest they’re going to have a real fight on their hands (Kinnock Factor notwithstanding) to win the 2015 election.

Apparent “gaffes” like Duncan Smith’s are becoming more and more common.

If they keep popping up every few weeks, it’s going to start to look like a strategy.

Either way, we recommend you don’t get sick any time soon.

Wings Over Scotland


6 thoughts on “Only the Union Can Kill the Poor ~ Wings Over Scotland

  1. buddy morrisey says:

    Is it true that the Scottish Government are using ATOS to carry out their absence and sickness checks and welfare monitoring for their disabled staff ?

  2. ODIN says:

    The BRITISH people will only be better off without the current evil that is posing as a democratic government. These whatever they are (I cannot bring myself to call them Human beings, hmmm makes you wonder what they are?) are destroying our NHS (always the envy of the world) our armed forces (God bless them) our welfare state (people flock from all corners of the Earth just to get it, not always a good thing) and the lives of hundreds of thousands of innocent people.

    But I am afraid that while people can get their new cars and have their holidays and go clubbing and shopping and while they continue to read crap lying newspapers like the Daily Heil, the Daily Telegraph and The Sun who always backs the party that is in government then they just will not care about what is being done to the welfare state, they cannot help it they are like sheep they will naturally follow the flock. The trouble with that approach is that you must never get sick have an accident lose your job or fall on hard times because then there will be no help for you, then you will become a scrounger and a parasite just like the people you have despised and ignored.

    We must band together we must dispel these evil lies by educating the public about what is really going on and tell them that they are next on the list. Maybe it’s time to up the ante. Light will always dissolve the darkness and believe me this government is very dark indeed. Victory to the light and the Just

  3. Humanity2012 says:

    We Need Revolution like Food and Drink to End the Present System of Eternal Slavery
    Put an End to the Evil Price Rises of Rip Off Britain and have People Worthy to Hold
    Office in Office and for Policies to be Right and Just

    People are like Sloppy Static Zombies in General too much TV Football Alcohol
    and too little Political Action

    The Scroungers are the Ignorant Politicians in Westminster

    Capitalism is a Cancer upon Mankind which Needs a Cure Namely the Large Scale
    Redistribution of Wealth from Rich to Poor

  4. Serenity says:

    Or more worrying maybe they think it will be easier to crucify the English if Scotland goes.
    Lets hope the libdems do one good thing and block the tory boundary changes.

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