Demo on disabled benefit cuts in Stroud, Gloucestershire

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

CAMPAIGNERS were on Stroud High Street to protest against cuts to disability benefits – to coincide with the Paralympics.

Their demonstration, on Saturday, was in protest at the involvement of IT company Atos as a sponsor of the games.

Demonstration in Stroud over Atos’ sponsorship of the Paralymics

Atos is a French company contracted by the Government to assess claimants for sickness and disability benefits. Disabled groups are critical of Atos over its work capability assessments, a large proportion of which have been reversed on appeal

Around a dozen members of Stroud Against the Cuts demonstrated outside the JobCentre Plus and their group included several people whose lives are directly affected by changes to disability benefits.

“We strongly object to Atos’ sponsorship of the Paralympics,” said Helen Prynne of Stroud Against the Cuts, who has multiple sclerosis.

“The Paralympics is an event at which people with disabilities show how well they can perform when they have the opportunity and the support which they need

“At the same time as Atos Healthcare is sponsoring this event, it is taking benefits and support away from people with disabilities and making it harder for them to live to their full potential.”

The campaigners will be demonstrating again on Stroud High Street next Saturday at 11am to highlight the issue.

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