Video: Disability rights protesters clash with police outside Department for Work and Pensions ~ Daily Telegraph

Disability benefits campaigners have fought with police outside the Department for Work and Pensions in the “grand finale” of a week of protests.

5:10PM BST 31 Aug 2012 Click here for VIDEO 

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People gathered at around 12.45 pm (GMT) to protest outside the Department for Work and Pensions based in Westminister.

Campaigners says the “fit for work” tests that Paralympic sponsor Atos carries out on behalf of the the government are distressing and in some case have led to suicides.

Footage shows protestors gathering outside the Department of Work and Pensions building where several scuffles with police ensued.

According to UK Uncut’s website the protests were labelled as the “grand finale to a week of protests targeting Paralympic sponsor Atos”.

Protestors dubbed this week ‘the Atos Games’ after ongoing actions outside the firms headquarters in Triton Square, Marylebone, there ultimate aim being to have the building closedown.

The government, which makes decisions based on Atos Work Capability Assessments, has said it is trying to control the cost of disability allowances.

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