Cameron uses Opening Ceremony to Justify Benefit Cuts Narrative: LibDems to barter support for Osborne’s £10bn in further cuts for ‘Emergency Wealth Tax’ proposal

"Sources close to Nick Clegg" have said that if George Osborne wants their support for a further £10bn in welfare cuts this autumn the Tories are going to "have to have an open conversation about other stuff if he wants that."

Tonight on Channel Four News David Cameron told C4’s Alex Brooker at the opening ceremony that Britain that it was “incredibly important” that these games changed people’s views on disability.

“What is it about these Paralympic Games that you find so special?” asked Brooker

Cameron replied “I think what’s special about it is that it’s going to be the biggest ever ….. but I think what a lot of it is about is the inspiration that it’s going to give to young people, to disabled people and it’s going to change people’s minds about disability and that really matters.”

“How do you think these will educate a generation, if you will, about disability?” Brooker continued.

“I think they’ll teach people to look at what people can do rather than ask what they can’t do… and I think the Channel Four poster if I say it myself ‘The Superhumans’ poster – that really makes people think, because the Olympic athletes they did extraordinary things – but the paralympic athletes overcome disadvantages and then go on and do really amazing things so I think it’ll change a lot of people’s minds and I think it’ll inspire a lot of people to be all they can”

So that’s it, then. These ‘disabled’ don’t need state support – they need to get off their proverbials and get out there and do extraordinary things! Ill? It’s all in the mind! Get a job! 

Absolutely blatant disablist propaganda. We would expect nothing less than this from this shameless excuse for a human being.

In an earlier report, C4’s Gary Gibbon reported on Nick Clegg’s demand for a 0.5% annual levy on investments which he calls an ‘Emergency Wealth Tax’ in order to ensure that the “belt tightening is done ‘fairly’.”

Gibbon reported that “sources close to Nick Clegg” have said that if George Osborne wants support for a further £10bn in welfare cuts this autumn the Tories are going to “have to have an open conversation about ‘other stuff’ – if he wants that.”

Absolutely revolting. Just how do those treacherous bastards define ‘fairness’?

Cuts have already killed, are killing and will continue to kill disabled people.

These government narratives surrounding disability and the paralympic games are a travesty. They are designed to ‘Olympic Wash’ the  systematic, cold and calculated pre-planned full scale assault on the fundamental human rights of disabled people in these isles.

Don’t be fooled!

~ Black Triangle Campaign 


  • Lovejoy August 29, 2012 at 9:52 pm

    Unfortunately Dave alot of disabled people can only do a few hours of work a day (non-consecutive) online. This is not enough to make a living (especially nowadays when everything is so expensive). It doesn’t matter if they ignore what they can’t do as what they can do is insufficient. And no amount of bullying will change this.

  • DAVID A SHAW August 29, 2012 at 9:59 pm

    Why did Cameron not consider his son to be superhuman and go on and claim DLA, which he is denying to thousands and under PIP will deny to ninety five per cent of current claimants. The man is a snake oil salesman and the only thing that comes out of his mouth is what his brain is made of……..s*** !

    • Lovejoy August 29, 2012 at 11:32 pm

      He’s a politician: the rules don’t apply to them for some reason. They have an odd sense of entitlement and believe the world owes them a living. The expense scandal painfully exposed that.

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