Slideshow: ‘The End of Our Illusions’ ~ Cuts ~ Disabled People in the Eye of the Storm

The End of Our Illusions from The Centre for Welfare Reform

A presentation given at an event on Supported Living in London describing devastating cuts that are reducing social care and the incomes of disabled people….

4 thoughts on “Slideshow: ‘The End of Our Illusions’ ~ Cuts ~ Disabled People in the Eye of the Storm

  1. Laz says:

    Then the first step is for all Disabled to unite under one banner so actions are co-ordinated ,much more effective and therefore more noticable and newsworthy.United our voice would be much louder .The UN Commision must be made aware of the breach of rite and forced to act before it is too late.So how do we get this show on the road people?

  2. jeffery davies says:

    aye the bankers goes bust and we end paying for their mistakes how lovely this lot are cruel and humanity have passed them by only to kick us as they go by jeff3

  3. Humanity2012 says:

    It Astonishes Myself how much Comfort People Find in Slavery

    Protect the Poor the Sick and the Vulnerable

  4. stella hawker says:

    my mate she has been homeless with a 8 year old child for more than 9 weeks now , she had to go on the sick as well she had no address to apply for jobs the job center where giving her her money was being sanctioned but as she had to go on the sick her money she had not received for over 3 weeks already plus she has lost her entire belongings except a bag of clothes for her and her boy …., another mate homeless is only getting 60% of his benefits due to the fact he did not apply for a job driving forklifts his medication states that’s he is not allowed to operate machinery , this government is sick in the head they are violating human rights both of these people where evicted illeagaly i am discussed at them !!! with their rent caps their treatment of the ones that they have made homeless in forced work when they nowhere to live

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