Decision to award PIP contracts to Atos is ‘twisting the knife’ ~ Open Civil Disobedience Predicted

Friday, 03 August 2012 

One leading disabled activist said the decision to grant the contracts to Atos was “like turning the knife when they stab us”.

Sasha Callaghan, former president of the University and College Union, went even further and said: “If this decision doesn’t end in open civil disobedience and even bloodshed I’ll be amazed. People can only be pushed so far and we could well be at the tipping point.”

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6 thoughts on “Decision to award PIP contracts to Atos is ‘twisting the knife’ ~ Open Civil Disobedience Predicted

  1. Mags Kelly says:

    Suggest………. Pfft They don’t care about the disabled and sick…. All this is, is saving money and giving Atos money to harass and hound those on benefits

  2. Anita Bellows says:

    How representative of disabled people are the disability organisations who negotiated with DWP ?

  3. kasbah says:

    I have no idea how people who work for ATOS can look at themselves in the mirror.I have no idea who could bear to live with one of them. the worrying thing is that the architects of these cruel benefit death policies see their reflections and smile! I can imagine someone coming up behind them,, pulling off their face to reveal a repulsive blood-sucking alien inside. Presumably many Dr Who scripts are based on the Condem monsters. They are rotten to the core of their souls.

    I am at tipping point. There is only so much a sick and disabled person can tolerate. Never give up.

  4. Humanity2012 says:

    The Plight of the Vulnerable is More Important than Stupid Olympics Games
    and Medals than TV Football and Getting Drink

  5. DAVID A SHAW says:

    I wonder if the French president is aware of how much his countries name is being besmirched by the work of ATOS in this country. After all they are French and they are nothing less than disability terrorists, working under the auspices of the biggest disability terrorist of them all, the DWP.

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