Black Triangle Press Release on the Occasion of the C4 Dispatches and BBC Panorama exposes of the DWP/AtoS WCA

30th July 2012 22.20 BST

Tonight, Channel Four’s Dispatches and the BBC’s Panorama programmes conclusively exposed the evil that is being perpetrated on sick and/or disabled people in the name of cuts and austerity for the majority of the UK population, whilst preserving the wealth and privileges of the 99%. 

Chris Grayling is a LIAR.

Sick and/or disabled people are being made to carry the can for the banking and financial crisis and the Conservative Party are the Banksters’ ‘placemen’ in Parliament.

The truth is out!

Their false narrative is a SMOKESCREEN.

Their assertion that sick and/or disabled people are ‘bleeding the country dry’ is a government ploy to shamelessly cut the benefits to which disabled people are entitled to in a society which deigns to arrogate to itself the title of ‘civilised’.

Let this Tory Government (the Liberal Democrats are history) now be placed on notice that the ‘writing is on the wall’ – that this great country of ours – ‘great’ because of the intrinsic decency and solidarity of our citizens, no matter how they cast their disenfrachised ballots, are against systems of power and oppression that violate the fundamental human rights of our people, especially those whom the government believe are least able to fight back.


John McArdle 

Founding Member

Black Triangle Campaign 

WORK and Pensions Secretary Chris Grayling’s  contribution to tonight’s BBC Panorama programme, in which he catagorically states that there are no intrinsic or extrinsic targets in the DWP /ATOS Work Capability Assessment (WCA) regime, shows him to be either a liar or not in possessions of the facts. 

Dispatches’ excellent contribution this evening systematically discredits his claims showing, beyond reasonable doubt, that there are indeed internal targets of 12% .

Black Triangle, along with many other Disabled Peoples Organisations, join with the BMA in demanding an end to the WCA ‘with immediate effect’.

We call for the immediate resignation of Chris Grayling. 

Neither he, nor the WCA is “fit for purpose.” 

Dr. Stephen M. Carty MB ChB MRCGP DRCOG

Member and Medical Adviser, Black Triangle Campaign.






25 thoughts on “Black Triangle Press Release on the Occasion of the C4 Dispatches and BBC Panorama exposes of the DWP/AtoS WCA

  1. DAVID A SHAW says:

    Yes immediate end to Grayling as employment minister, to WCA and to ATOS involvement in this country.

  2. Em says:

    This ‘tough love’ kills 32 people a week and cost the country £45 million in unnecessary Tribunal costs last year alone. This human and financial cost is completely unacceptable.

  3. alana johnson says:

    i think that this regime we are supposed to call a goverment has gone to far now. but we people of england need to all come together like they did in scotland and demand our rights as human being and not as a goverment number or percentage. i myself am on sickness benifit and have been on a 10 year sicknote. so now i am supposed to suddlenly get well, i am 60 years of age and unemployable. when oh when am i going to get peace in my older age and not have to worry about if i am going to be able to keep the roof over my head and when am i going to eat next. think about us your people david cameroon not yourself.

  4. Jan says:

    I want to die every single day.l. Suicide would be a kindness for me.. I stay alive for my dialysis patient and their child… I do t want this worry any more… The government that is..

  5. Sue says:

    Thanks for all you are doing. Make sure you change to 1% and not 99% before releasing to press. I think we need to find out what the official Labour Party Policy is on this matter, after all they were the ones who started the ball rolling with ATOS and they seem to be keeping very quiet on the matter now which leads me to think that they would carry on where the CONDEMS left off if they get voted in at the next election.

  6. Anon says:

    Had two appeals running concurrently. Appeal allowed and moved into the ‘support group’ just a few weeks ago. Absolutely exhausted and my mental and physical state has been shattered. It’s no wonder the local office of the DWP were so insistent that I withdraw my ‘system access request’ made under the Data Protection Act. I refused to bow to there request, but despite this latest news finding it very difficult to gather the strength for another battle with the powers that be. Four years of unrelenting pressure and anxiety, whilst at the same time coping with a syndrome, affecting me physically and a system that had pushed me over the edge mentally.

  7. Philhow says:

    permission to use the logo/jpeg as my facebook picture please JJ
    this needs to spread far and wide. So let get placing links in all the right places people.

  8. kasbah says:

    Yes JJ. A resounding yes to what you say, to say look at what has been exposed-a web of lies, indecency, calculated misuse of power over the vulnerable, those things we never would have thought would see the light of day in Britain. My whole family have e-mailed their MPs tonight including myself (yet again…) We are so relieved the truth is out.

    As my young son so wittily put it: “Call me old fashioned, but I cannot bear to see abuse of the disabled”…..

    I’m thinking of putting it on a badge!

    Cheers for Channel 4 Dispatches and BBC Panorama tonight- almost as if they were working together to produce an excellent hour-long documentary.

    Shout it from the rooftops JJ.

    Love and solidarity to everyone. They shall not pass.

  9. maureen gardner says:

    ESA is also means tested-so a very small pension that I recive will stop me reciving ESA when my contrbutions end-I dont know what I can do to survive.

  10. Jason Everson says:

    I actually signed off today, in order to go on ESA due to disintegrating discs in the spine (with potential surgery looming). At best, I have general pain every day, at worst, I can’t walk or move. I was encouraged by Job Center Plus and my work programme company SEETEC to apply for this benefit and, now, I’m really not sure I’ve done the right thing. My money will decrease by about £20 per week while I’m on the trial period, and, from the films I looked at tonight, I’m not likely to get it anyway. I feel like I’ve been duped by the very people who should be helping me. The work programme and all of this is a massive scam. I’ve been on the WP now for months and they’ve done nothing. It’s money for old rope. They are a smokescreen. They should be investigated and removed, and so should people like Chris Grayling.

  11. jeffery davies says:

    funny thing happened to me yesterday before the program i went to my doctors and asked if i could have a paper saying i was fit to return to work ,she looked at me and though then shock her head saying how can i give you a paper showing you fit for work because you are deffenetly not and give me a lecture so mr bloody dwp ministers atos dwp who do i beleive well its not you lot as we proved time and time again you nothing but bullies and liars and now been shown up ,but will you go quietly like you wanted us i doubt it jeff3

  12. Revamp says:

    What i find amazing is that when being found fit for work by the DWP who have only met you for 20 minutes and feel they can make this judgement. then when u appeal u need sick notes from your doctor how can they still under mind your own GP who knows you as a patient and your medical history !!! so then why does it still take so long to go to tribunal. I am appealling at the moment and at 7 months. Why do they not ask for medical reports plus evidence when you first claim the benefit it seems like an ideal easy process and would save the goverment millions in medical assessments, appeals and tribunals. I dont see why or how some1 can deem u fit to work when your own GP says you arent !!!!???

  13. Humanity2012 says:

    It is those £65,000 per Year plus EXPENSES Politicians who are bleeding the
    country Dry having the Audacity to Waste Billions of POUNDS per year upon
    Nuclear Weapons

    The ” Royal ” Family with their Palaces and Life of Privilege are more the
    Scroungers than the Disabled who have a Human Right to Help Assistance
    and a Decent Standard of Living

    The Evil Capitalist Winner Takes All Mentality of Capitalism is a Crime against

    No to Eugenics Euthanasia and the Persecution of the Sick and Poor carried
    out by the National Socialist Regime and No to their ever being a ” Conservative ”
    Government as Vicious and Idiotic as this One

  14. Christina Klein-Bissett says:


  15. sue mccafferty says:

    Interesting how not only were two programmes scheduled on one night (which most average, unaffected viewers won’t watch) but during the Olympics, and, perhaps most importantly, during parliamentary recess; nobody around to ask questions in the House or appear on news programmes and seize the initiative. It really does appear that we have to fight our own battle on this; Labour are notable by their absence.

  16. roger Allnot says:

    This is a dreadful article. It consists of emotional outbursts and unjustifiable ranting. If you want to be taken seriously, argue seriously. Most of the comments are nohing more than common abuse; how can we expect to be taken seriously when this is the level at which we operate? Disabled people have a strong case, but the things written here just destroy our credibility. Shame on you all

  17. JJ says:

    Spoken like a Liberal Democrat, Roger Allnot! You insist upon politeness when faced with this barbarity? Shame on you!

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