Cameron: ‘Disabled Folk will Save our Prestigious Games’ by Disabled Cartoonist Crippen !

14 July 2012

Why is it that the companies that Cameron and his cronies pay to handle such diverse matters as the Direct Payments Scheme (A4E) and now the stewarding of the Olympic Games (G4S), when they foul up, they get let off with little more than a slapped wrist?

Nothing about Breach of Contract, Penalty Clauses, or being made to give back the millions that they’ve been paid! No, the British tax payer coughs up yet again and we bail out yet another balls-up!

But what about all of the pieces that are left laying around after each ‘jobs for the boys’ project fouls up? Here we have the biggest corporate … sorry I mean ‘sports’ event ever to take place within the UK and we’re now told that there’s insufficient people to actually steward it.

Rest assurred, Cameron is sure to have something up his sleeve to overcome this slight set-back …

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1 thought on “Cameron: ‘Disabled Folk will Save our Prestigious Games’ by Disabled Cartoonist Crippen !

  1. jeffrey davies (@jeffrey33333) says:

    the reason they dint get any help is you payed for your uniform and boots and food and they charged you for living in a leaky shack whilst a promise of a job you could get they might be dole slaves but they aint that stupid to be caught out by this robbing cant supply firm who still cant be shown the door by our elustreus leader jeff3

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