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5 July 2012

Anti-racist and anti-fascist campaigners are organising a demonstration against BNP and Scottish Defence League plans to protest in Edinburgh on Saturday.

The far-right groups are demonstrating against a KFC food outlet at Meadowbank retail park under the pretence of defending animal rights against the fast food chain’s decision to trial halal meat. The BNP alleges the halal slaughtering of animals is crueller than non-halal slaughter practices. However, the only difference between halal and non-halal slaughter is that a verse is recited from the Qu’ran by an appropriate person at the point of slaughter. KFC’s website states that animal welfare standards are not compromised by this additional process.

The inaccuracy of the claim is compounded by hypocrisy. Last month an EDL breakaway ‘Infidel’ member who is a llama farmer pleaded guilty to causing ‘unnecessary suffering leading to death’ and two counts of ‘not providing a suitable diet’ and failing to protect his llamas from pain, suffering and disease.’

Meadowbank is one of the most diverse and multicultural areas in Edinburgh and we must not allow racist and fascist thugs to claim it as a ‘no-go’ area for Muslims, Asians and right-thinking people of all our communities.
Unite Against Fascism and others are trying to stop the BNP/SDL from using the nearby retail car park as a muster point for their hate demonstration. This is only the first step as UAF is looking for trade unionists, people of faith, students, workers and residents to oppose the BNP/SDL when they come into the community.

If you can attend the counter-demonstration with PCS banners and flags then please get along to the retail park at 12.30pm.

Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS)

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