Sir Jeremy Heywood: Cuts may last until 2020

Sir Jeremy Heywood is the civil servant responsible for policy implementation across the government

The Cabinet Secretary, Sir Jeremy Heywood, has said spending cuts could continue until 2020, according to sources at a well-known think-tank.

The top civil servant is reported to have made the comments at an event at the Institute for Government mostly attended by civil servants.

He was discussing the coalition’s civil service reform plan.

The government has already announced the austerity programme would continue beyond the next election.

But the suggestion of an eight-year timescale has not been talked about openly, says BBC political correspondent Iain Watson.

On Tuesday, Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude announced a package of reforms to the civil service, which included plans to make it easier to sack under-performing staff members.

Mr Maude said he wanted to see the civil service operate more like a business, with a tougher appraisal system, increased accountability and a more entrepreneurial culture.

The planned changes come against a backdrop of deep cuts and job losses across Whitehall.

Sir Jeremy – who, along with head of the civil service Sir Bob Kerslake, will lead the implementation of the reform plan – told an audience at the Institute for Government the UK was only 25% through its fiscal adjustment and spending cuts could run for “seven, eight, maybe 10 years” from when the coalition came to power.

The cabinet secretary talked about a programme of reform in the civil service which could last 10 years and lead to a less hierarchical structure.

The Cabinet Office said: “Jeremy was simply saying that financial pressure would continue into the next parliament.


3 thoughts on “Sir Jeremy Heywood: Cuts may last until 2020

  1. muffie02 says:

    quote : “The government has already announced the austerity programme would continue beyond the next election.”

    they seem pretty confident that they will BE the power after the next election , despite seemingly pissing off virtually EVERY section of the populus ( or the will have by then ) as they are now saying the well to do pensioners dont need their free tv licence or winter fuel allowence

    well if the SHEEPEL vote this lot and their liberal poodles back in again – then they only have themselves to blame

    but then what ?? – mister ED ?? – and his band of “we must listen to the electerate – but never DO ” ??


  2. Humanity2012 says:

    Confirms the Pointlessness of Elections Sadly

    Netherless Better Still that the Con Dem Regime is Made by the Weight of Public
    Pressure to Leave Office Immediately

    They are a Disgusting Dismal and Arrogant Shower and whoever can Vote for Them
    is Worse than Thick

    Get the Con Dems Out of Office Now

  3. Humanity2012 says:

    Cuckooland Top to Bottom is Knightmare of a Decade of Cuts

    Better that People Wake Up and Say Enough is Enough

    Let the Rich Pay for the Clear as Crystal Failures of Capitalism

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