‘The Taxi Driver Story’ by Chunky Mark ~ with commentary by Adrian Wait

Adrian Wait
Adrian Wait writes:
Humanity at its VERY, very best is revealed when we realise we grow more by giving love away!
Thanks Mark, God Bless You! And the millions like you…that are shouted down by celebrities, fame-hunters and lying politicians; by self-centred, self-elected ‘leaders’ who wallow in a poverty of self-importance and spite – adopting Darwin’s theory of the ‘survival of the fittest‘, never stopping to listen to people like the Lady in your story!
So wise in their own eyes, and blind to the needs of others.
They selfishly promote ‘Profit over People’ , march to the drumbeat that money is more important than people; profit more than a NATIONAL HEALTH SERVICE and a WELFARE STATE… a sense of COMMUNITY!
With their MANTRA of “Greed is GoodGreed is God!”
They poison the air with their mantra and seek to divide and rule by scapegoating the poor, the vulnerable and the fragile!
Do they Think their Money will buy them FORGIVENESS?
Do they Think that it SHOULD!

4 thoughts on “‘The Taxi Driver Story’ by Chunky Mark ~ with commentary by Adrian Wait

  1. kasbah says:

    It’s these moments that enrich our lives, the humanity they bring out in us and the realisation that helping our fellow men and women is the most truly satisfying thing on earth. That’s something these contemptuous politicians will never feel. They are impoverished. We are money poor, they are impoverished of spirit, their psyche’s bordered up on what makes us human. That they are in power is poisonously dangerous, a canker on society. THEY SHALL NOT PASS.

  2. jeffery davies says:

    yes this man could have been in the honours list but they deny it but one day his reward shall be great thanks jeff3

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