UPDATE #2: On the Matter of the Defamation of Mr. Stuart Wyatt by The Copthorne Hotel, Plymouth

Click here for the original story on Black Triangle ; and here for the first update

Stuart has asked us to share his latest video update (below) with you.

The Millennium Hotel Group are still conducting their internal investigation and we hope to update you next week.


1 thought on “UPDATE #2: On the Matter of the Defamation of Mr. Stuart Wyatt by The Copthorne Hotel, Plymouth

  1. muffie02 says:

    well well – so it seems that someone has been rattled at the copout hotel , so well done stuart for getting something done – but i wonder how long those spraypainted lines will last and how long it will be before they are back to their old ways when all this blows over ??

    now some people watching the videos may think that this is being blown out of all proportion – BUT as i said yesterday this HAS been going on for years – despite what the woman in the video said ( what was it ?? i have been here for 10 years and its never been an issue ?? ) – well she wants to try opening her eyes a bit

    plymouth IS improving in many ways with disabled access ,I complained a couple of years ago about a dangerous junction near the railway station that scooter users /wheelchair users and disabled and elderly people generally took their life in their hands crossing as many motorists did not indicate after coming off a busy roundabout – the councill to their credit have sorted it – and it is now a fine and safe example of what CAN be done

    BUT having said that – disabled (for the mobility challenged ) is still pretty bad in many shops and businesses in the city – there ARE a lot of bad attitudes towards the disabled ( and the crap in the mail and other mmedia don’t help ) – but there are still many stores – shops and places like cafes that UNLESS you CAN manage to walk a short distance – are still inaccessabe

    BUT if you DO get off your scooter – you then get ignorant sods saying ” see he/she ain’t disabled – he /she CAN walk – i have had it said to me recently – but they soon shut up when you ask them to go into a store for you if they are SOOOOOO concerned

    any ways once again well done to stuart – and i hope the copthorn has the bottle to issue a full and public appology – (but again imo – dont hold your breath )

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