Parliamentary written answers and statements 11th June 2012: Two Quacks on the back-to-work “prognosis” of claimants who have been assessed under the WCA

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Photo of Stephen Timms

Stephen Timms (East Ham, Labour)

“To ask the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions with reference to the answer of 23 April 2012, Official Report, column 668W, on work capability assessments, what information his Department holds on the back-to-work prognosis of claimants who have been assessed under the work capability assessment.

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Chris Grayling (Minister of State (Employment), Work and Pensions; Epsom and Ewell, Conservative)

The Department holds information on Atos’ recommendations for prognosis periods for standard prognosis periods of three, six, 12, 18 months, not for two years, not in the longer term, terminally ill and unknown. These are recommendations only and the final decision on prognosis periods rests solely with the Department’s decision makers taking into account the medical assessment reports from Atos and any other relevant information.

The Department’s computer systems track the decision makers’ decisions on prognosis periods. This information, however, is not extracted from the computer systems and therefore this information is not included in management information or administrative datasets.

They Work For You (?!?)


Effing fascist gobbledygook.

Atos assessments aren’t medical assessments. They’re “functional” assessments based on a patient’s ability do tasks. They’ve nothing whatsoever to do with medical science, the NHS nor even medical ethics for that matter.

Atos and the DWP wouldn’t even refer to their victims as patients in a patient-doctor relationship until the lovely Dr McCartney of Glasgow forced them to come come clean.
Even so, the DWP and Atos still insist on referring to patients as ‘customers’.

When sub-fuhrer Grayling refers to ‘prognosis’ he can’t be meaning it in the medical sense, which makes his whole reply an example of abuse towards sick and disabled patients, as he has no idea about the status of the health and disability problems of patients subjected to these non-medical Atos assessments and, therefore, has no idea about how their medical condition will progress or regress.

Grayling has no medical qualifications and experience and neither do DWP “decision makers”which itself is not a recognised medical specialism or job title.

We can only add that we are not in the least bit surprised that Stephen Timms (‘Lab’) shares the same fascist gobbledegook “prognosis” jargon as his counterpart Grayling – and a similar contempt for the whole body of medical opinion in our country that demands that the WCA must end “with immediate effect”.
Sadly our enemy’s enemy, in this case yet again, is not our friend!
And Timms – either your policies go – OR YOU DO!

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  1. jeffrey davies says:

    so thats labour and torys whot to put the boot into the sick disabled and the unemployed so it looks like there no change there then labour started it with the smilling assassin blaire and now torys killing us with thier kindness how the lot of them who in the great house do they the rest wake up and see whot they do no im afraid it look like the whole terrible lying lot will have to go before any change jeff3

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