Accessible Transport for All! Disabled People treated with utter contempt by The Copthorne Hotel, Plymouth

Public footpaths are our most basic means of transportation. If we can’t even access these safely then what hope have we got for inclusive transportation networks elsewhere on the buses and tubes?

They prefer disabled people to scurry away – and remain INVISIBLE – don’t they? We’re just too much trouble for the jobsworths of this world who would rather brand us a nuisance for insisting upon our right to equal access to transport than assist us, as fellow human beings of good will, to play our part and participate fully in the shared life of our society.

By Stuart Wyatt, Plymouth

The Copthorne Hotel has been allowing it’s residents to park illegally outside their hotel, blocking the main pavement and dropped kerb on that side of Western Approach. 

The Management and Staff of The Copthorne Hotel, Plymouth would rather belittle disabled people as "shallow" than assist them to access the public highways safely

This pavement is one of the main access routes to Sainsburys supermarket. As someone who is disabled and who uses a mobility scooter to get around, I finally snapped yesterday and put signs and tape on the offending cars.


I did the same today, and the manager and staff confronted me, and called the police. I never saw the police, but I videoed the confrontation with the Copthorne staff.


They are not interested in policing who parks there or not, and they initially claimed that the cars were nothing to do with the hotel – but the moment I put signs and tape on today’s offending car, four staff were involved and the police were called.

To my knowledge, I did not commit any crime, other than calling out selfish people for being selfish people.

This is not over, and I am not backing down over this issue.


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A good friend of mine called the Copthorne Hotel in Plymouth to enquire about disability access. She mentions the video, and the duty manager (James) told her that I was banned from the Copthorne 18 months ago for being drunk and abusive and I’d had it in for the hotel since then. He also told her that I was NOT disabled, and that I was on a police list with other vagrants and alcoholics, and that I have a history of targeting other local businesses – citing me as a trouble maker and ‘a bit of a nutter’. They called the police on me because I caused criminal damage, public nuisance, and caused profanity.

Until 2-3 months ago, I was tee-total since 2005/2006, and now have the occasional bit of medicinal port. I am registered disabled (I have CFS/Fibromyalgia). The only local protesting I have ever really done has been against Scientology in 2008, and a tiny bit of ukuncut stuff a couple of years ago until my illness made it impossible to continue with that. Apart from staying there for 2-3 nights in 2005/2006(?) I have never set foot in the place apart from playing some gigs there back in the day.

Good news though is that they are going to be reporting cars to the police and council if they see them blocking the pavement – so MISSION SUCCESS!



Stuart Wyatt

7 thoughts on “Accessible Transport for All! Disabled People treated with utter contempt by The Copthorne Hotel, Plymouth

  1. Joanna Terry says:

    Well done Stuart, I to am sick of the utter disregard to the law that certain members of our community have, especially those that think they are above the little people. Bring in the local news and shame them into compliance if you can. I have in the past had altercations on this sort of issue. A place I used to live had disabled parking outside the local bank, it seemed that the public thought that the least entitled to those spaces were the ones the spaces were set up for. In the end the local police patroled the area on an ad hoc basis issueing offenders with tickets, it worked for a while but needs keeping on top of, to remind the public what the spaces are for.

  2. Lynda Phillips says:

    Good for you Stuart 🙂 It’s about time that able bodied people were put in their places. They try to put us in ‘ours’ ie. hidden away… We’re human too, even more so than some of them…

    1. Ricky Head says:

      What a discriminatory and offensive post. If someone had posted something about disabled people as a whole being put in their place plus an unfounded derogatory accusation there would be an uproar. I am disabled and the majority of my family and friends are “able bodied” and don’t need put in their places. Statements like this show that discriminatory ideas are not the sole preserve of “able bodied” people and are very unhelpful.

  3. Jaki Rundle says:

    Well done! I was in a lovely harbour a few months ago called Dale, in Pembrokeshire with my family. It is a tourist area. I am an electric wheelchair user and have a congenital disability. Someone had parked completely on a wide pavement, blocking a dropped down kerb and also blocking wheelchair access to the disabled public toilet!!!! We asked around and someone thought they recognised the car and owner. Anyway, I placed a note under the wipers and my family and I went to have lunch in an outside cafe (where we could watch the outcome!) Someone must have told the idiot, because out he came of the pub ten minutes later, scrunched up the note, went back inside the pub, and the car remained on the pavement for the remainder of the time we were there. There are a lot of arrogant, uncaring and unfeeling people in the world who think the law does not apply to them and do not understand the consequences of their actions.

  4. DAVID A SHAW says:

    Well done you, this level of ignorant behavior has been fostered by our fine government, and this is the kind of thing people now think they can get away with, but no, make your stand as you are in the right, and shall be proved to be so.

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