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  • DAVID A SHAW June 9, 2012 at 8:56 pm

    There is no Labour party, only a bunch of right wing neo-con blairite selfish bastards, and yes that is the truth. The time to take back the party has arrived, all genuine socialist labour grass roots activists should call for the removal of all blairite neo- cons from the party, let them join the tories or lib-dems where they belong. They all act out of self interest and are no more true labour than ‘ call me dave’ . Remove them now, it is time to make Labour a true fighting force, with milliband and his cronies in charge you have about as much chance as us getting to pluto in the next six months via skateboard.

  • Paul Davidson June 9, 2012 at 9:27 pm

    Hi From Paul in Gateshead.

    I was at the Hardest Hit Rally last year in Newcastle where Labour M.P. Lavery Gave a very powerful talk against the cut’s by his side was My new M.P Mearns. both are so down to earth and care for the people and are fighting for ”US”. As best they can I hope.

    I have a few photos of them if you would like them. holding up the banner.

    I keep trying to tell people it’s not just this Government but so many get angry for speaking out about a Labour Government led first by Blair then an unelected Brown who I sadly had to vote against due to his New Horizon’s vision. I voted for Clegg. silly me how ironic as he now is an instrament of mass Human destruction Both mentioned were obviously and well publicised I may add having a race with Cammeron in the Tuff Luck Winsconsin style race Pardon any Typoo please.

    It’s over three years now sinse I spoke out about the derogatory behaviour of Peter Haine. both on Radio Newcastle and on the Disability Now Website. Title od Article was ”Are you afraid yet” Well who is NOT”. I ask.

    My Grandfather was from Glasgow who died for King and Country on Flaunders Fields. He came like many to find work and pay taxes and gave the ultimate price for ”FREEDOM”. Yet here we are in 2012 fighting for freedom to live without persicution stigma and ridicule Hate Crime and many an abuse much of this from our OWN Government”.

    I say to you good people of Scotland if you ever go Independent Please allow me to claim Political Asylum the second you do.

    I’m not safe where I a’m under a Labour led Council. and I fear The next Labour Government due to their attitude towards the many who they so need to be protecting right now yet they dither while wondering how to get enough votes to enact their own perges.


  • Aunty Admin June 9, 2012 at 10:58 pm

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  • jeffrey davies June 11, 2012 at 11:18 am

    as i said all mps are i n it to take our benefits away while they buy and sell houses with the tax payers money and keep the profit but labour started ie tony blaire the smilling assassin and now torys oh whot a gloroius life we have under them normans rule ok jeff3

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