A message to David Evenett, Tory MP for Bexleyheath: From Stephen West on the admission of his friend Mark to an Intensive Care Unit

Black Triangle supporter Stephen West writes: 

This is my friend Mark.
Mr. David Evennett, Tory MP for Bexleyheath, if you’re reading this, he is a mental health patient , been in a psychiatric unit 15 times in 3 years, he is Grand Mal epileptic and a recovering alcoholic and is HIV+.
Yesterday, in the psychiatric unit, he suffered four severe seizures whilst awaiting to be admitted, and two more in the ambulance within an hour 6 fits.
He was unconscious for 15 hours in the resuscitation and ITU Unit at Queen Elizabeth hospital, having been taken from the phychiatric unit attached to Queen Marys Hospital at Sidcup, within your constituency, the only London borough without an A&E as your Government closed it came in to power.
He had to be driven by ambulance 12 miles away to QE2 in Woolwich – a Greenwich borough hospital.
He nearly died on the way!
Oh, and, by the way, your caring Government have placed him in the Work Related Activity Group, which means that in 8 months time he will lose his disability benefits and put on JSA and no doubt will lose his DLA.
Shame on you, Mr. David Evennet, Tory MP for Bexleyheath.

11 thoughts on “A message to David Evenett, Tory MP for Bexleyheath: From Stephen West on the admission of his friend Mark to an Intensive Care Unit

  1. Sarah Wiles says:

    Disgusted by this…… Don’t know what to say about this one. Best wishes to the patient and I truly hope that he receives the care and attention that he needs.

  2. sue mccafferty says:

    Have you forwarded this to the MP in question? You can get all their email addresses at the House of Commons website. I urge everyone to bombard their MPs with as much evidence of what’s really happening as possible; not holding my breath that they’ll listen but they will have to respond as they are obliged to for each communication received. We can only keep up the pressure.

  3. jeffrey davies says:

    and yet do they answer for it im afraid thier eyes and ears are blind and dumb and there is more to come whot did the working class do do deserve this treatment jeff3

  4. rogr says:

    With a colleague at work having recenctly been diagnosed as suffering from epilepsy I truly hope your friend does get the care and attention he needs to make a full recovery. That said I am filled with total disgust at the incestuous group of self-serving scum that seem to inhabit what ought to be the seat of democracy. That this can happen is a complete indictment of all that they and the lick spittle supporters have done and intend to do. One day, perhaps, the impact will fall on them.

  5. steve says:

    “Its not right to write off people just because they are disabled” Grayling, IDS, Freud Cameron, Miller etc.. and all those Mp.s & LORDS who voted for the WRB. Shame on you all

  6. Humanity2012 says:

    Well Said I am Not Convinced of the Merits of Voting Tory

    Disgusting Mess this Country is in under the Tinpot Tories

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