3 thoughts on “Close Protection jubilee and olympics workfare scandal: Letter to David Cameron from Keith Lindsay-Cameron

  1. Cyberwolf says:

    TBH. I doubt Cameron will give much thought to the above letter, however well it is written or how comprehensively it covers all the concerns listed. He KNOWS fine well what is happening to those affected, and he also knows that – while the stick and lash are being applied to the unemployed, sick, disabled and mentally ill – the rest of the country can applaud his ‘visionary’ ideas’ about getting shiftless bastards (like us) to work: by whatever means are necessary. You notice that NONE of Ed Miliband’s cowardly crew have spoken out or condemned the PM or his Minister for Employment (or should that be for “Forced Labour” ?) Ian Duncan Smith: and, I can almost guarantee few (if any) will. The unpleasant thing about all of this is Britain will never revolt! Not even if they saw their fellow men being interned in Labour Camps or being surruptitiously bussed around London in vast numbers. Hell, no-one seems to be crying about the fact that some Londoners are being moved (against their will) to other ‘cheaper’ parts of the Country? And why not? Because, for anyone to say anything is perceived as a ‘Vote Loser.’ Yes: that is correct. The Politicians of Parliament are ALL concerned that, if they stop beating the poor, sick and disabled (the hypocritical blood-lust of this Country being what it is) they will LOSE votes and voters. Why do you think they want to move unemployed and disabled people OUT of London? To ensure they have a fixed number of votes they can count on! So your misery, hardship and trouble doesn’t amount to a “hill of beans”- as long as those who ARE working, have victims they can point at and accuse of being ‘lazy.’ Be assured it will all get far, far worse before anything happens: and when it does it will have the effect of.. well.. possibly a paramilitary invasion: or just out-and-out rioting, the like of which hallmarked the Poll Tax in the eighties! For now, ‘Workfare’ is here to stay – the PM’s dismissal of the complaints made to him, even the intercession of John Prescott left him unmoved. The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee was an ‘unspoken’ referendum about the Monarchy and the Class System – and over a million people sleepwalked into its rapture. Now the Government thinks it can do anything it likes to their ‘inferiors’ because the Country ‘voted’ with a fucking Union Flag. They might as well have been waving Swastikas! As for The Queen – she couldn’t really give a monkey’s, purely because she got her four days of blind, sycophantic, sickening and gut-wrenching ‘servitude.’ So all the stuff I have said about the Olympics being Cameron’s ‘Hitlerite Triumph’ like the Berlin Olympics of 1936 is right on the money! Watch and you will see worse exploitation in this nation than you ever thought possible… but remember. There is always a price to pay for injustice and cruelty! Always….

  2. kasbah says:

    As as an old timer who was once a punk, I listened to the Sex Pistols “God save the Queen”
    at the weekend because the jubilee nonsense was getting me down. The lyrics are as apt today as they were in the late 1970s-which shocked me and depressed me-there is less galvanised and well organised protest now than back then.

    I find these times more frightening than even the thatcher years and boy those were bad times. We need a coherent strategy possibly with a couple of media faces attached to help us fight the bigoted propaganda machine that is the tory party and their bedfellows-large sociopathic corporations. ideas anyone??

    Arthritically yours, Kasbah

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