5 thoughts on “Morgan Freeman ~ ON OUR SIDE

  1. Bob says:

    This needs to be made into a poster and put up all over the country! Like 38 degrees did with the NHS posters. Is it possible to somehow raise the funds for this?

    There’s a site called GoFundMe – anyone can set up a fund-raising appeal and people donate with Paypal. Worth thinking about?

    Did you get his permission for this? Where did it come from?

    If he gave the ok for it to be done you could also ask him to get other celebrity endorsements to add to it. THIS would get the public’s attention. It’s a celebrity culture we live in, I hate it, but let’s use it to get the message out there!!!

  2. jeffrey davies says:

    well done mr freeman on speaking out on the attack on the disabled ,but you seen this happen with the copany called unum in your own country but wre sent packing with large fines jeff3

  3. Anthony Turtle says:

    Pity he was talking about United States Welfare reforms (if it was even him), not the UK attack on DLA applicants.

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