Mum June Heaney’s response to IDS’s lies in our letter (450 signatures) to The Daily Telegraph – which the Telegraph’s Editor studiously ignored

Iain Duncan Smith

By June Heaney

I am a mother of a 22 year son with Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus and severe learning difficulties.

I myself worked for 25 years until becoming so ill I had to give up my job.

I have fibromyaglia and suffer from severe depression, some days the only thing that keeps me tied to this earth’s realm is the fact of what would happen to my son if I was no longer here.

My son was given DLA for life but this means nothing to Iain Duncan Smith who, because of his insensitive and abusive comments, has given people who know no better a platform to hurl abuse at the disabled.

I hope Iain Duncan Smith never becomes so ill that he is tared with the same brush – or maybe he needs to see what life is like for us.

I still have to wait to see if my son will get this new benefit, but he has lost his Incapacity Benefit.

I have been deemed fit to look for work – my DLA and Incapacity Benefit have been stopped.

For 16 years, I looked after my son and I became so ill I had to give up my job, all due to me caring for him full time.

I would have thought that David Cameron would have realized how difficult it was to look after a child with special needs 24/7, 365  days a year, no matter how ill you are, but I was stupid to think it was the same for his family.

He could pay to have the breaks needed to allow them to look after their child.

I have had a baby for 22 years and have loved and cared for him to the best of my ability, and I can tell you now, with out a shadow of a doubt, that I hate this government and all it stands for.

David Cameron should realize that it wasn’t the money spent on these benefits that brought this country to its knees, but the Bankers.

Also, maybe if they cut their budget spent on going to war with countries that America wants to invade, to steal their oil, and in doing so murder our young men and women and disable thousands, they wouldn’t have a problem paying to look after the sick and old.

It seems that unless the government feels you are of value then you are worthless in their eyes, how wrong can they be?

This company that the government has allowed to decide if one is sick enough or not are not interested in people with mental health issues and, I heard someone on the TV or in the papers say that fibromyaglia wasn’t a real illness – so that must mean they are not real pains I feel? Quick! Someone needs to tell my body that when I can’t get out of bed!

I hope that this is the straw that broke the camels back, and destroys this Government.

Then, and only then, we can vote in people who live in the real world and know the struggles the people face, instead of these toffee-nosed individuals.

What in God’s name does a distant cousin of the queen know about the real world?

It’s about time the likes of IDS and DC were shown that, we the people, say: “NO MORE!”


9 thoughts on “Mum June Heaney’s response to IDS’s lies in our letter (450 signatures) to The Daily Telegraph – which the Telegraph’s Editor studiously ignored

  1. DAVID A SHAW says:

    IDS and Cameron are simply unaware of reality because it is a place they have never visited. Cameron has been cosseted all his life and knows nothing of disability, for if he did he would not allow disabled people to be treated this way. So has he forgotten his son that quickly ? It would appear that way would it not. IDS is simply a fascist, no mincing with words, he would rather put everyone whom he hates in the gas ovens, a little like another group of like minding people from the last century, a group he would fit into nicely i can say, he would only have to learn the language after all.

  2. jeffrey davies says:

    well said june butthis lot are out to put most of us under ground and have not got any feeling s whots so ever, and money to them makes thier eyes water where the disabled and sick ask for pittance, these take millions and that is a gross injustice is allowed to go on much longer there won t be many of us left .please wake up the decent people of britain and get rid of them they are screwing us big time and next it will be you .its like the smokers who have been put out in the cold,whot happens when they gone ,whos going to pay the taxes they put in billions it will be you and make no mistake they dont care there is no turning for the tory party god help us from these prigs jeff3

  3. Celia says:

    I very much doubt that DC had any real experience of looking after his son on a day to day basis, he probably had a nanny for that. But he certainly used him for the photo calls!

    1. Janet says:

      I agree whole heartedly Celia ,D.C would not of been involved with day to day care as you say him and his wife would of had nannies, I have a 28 years old son with cerebal palsy severe learning diffilculties aspergers ,he needs 24 hour care ,im so worried about what is happening with D.L.A. Changes ,life is hard enough without all the extra worry about money. If my son was to go into care it would cost the goverment a fortune every week !! I hate Cameron he chooses not to listen to our protests. i think his name should be Adolf .

  4. Daniel Linger says:

    Sadly, IDS is WELL aware of such plights. About a decade ago, he visited our little town in South Lincs, and spoke with several of us disabled people at the request of our MP, John Hayes. He studiously listened to us, understood our problems, took notes, etc.

    He knows very well, but he chooses to ignore them. That, to me, is the most despicable behaviour of all.

  5. Jim Ross says:

    Christine Morgan on Facebook
    the fact that the telegraphs editor has chosen to ignore the letter. is a disgrace..personally i’d cc the letter to the guardian or independent..and see how they respond..not only to the letter and comments by those who have signed..but the telegraphs decision to ignore the letter..

    Why dont we all cc this letter to the guardian and independent that will make the torygraph look like the dumb facists they are. Can we have copies and relevant email addies

  6. kasbah says:

    Dear June
    i am so sorry for your terrible distress caused by this greedy sociopathic government.
    You are someone worthy of public praise for your loving and courageous caring. I am
    appalled by the callous treatment you have received and d emand recotmpense for you
    and all of us living in fear of the system that is targetting and vilifying us unjustly.

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