Black Triangle Appeal

Dear Friends and comrades,

URGENT, call for donations

Please consider making a contribution however modest via the PAYPAL button on the web site.

Black Triangle Campaign has campaigned tirelessly for the last 2 years. Our efforts and your support so far have been considerable but the bottom line is that we need some money to continue.

If you can ,please give generously if you can’t , even a quid will help. We do not have any wealthy benfactors. Our basic running costs such as phone , internet connection and web hosting need to be met and if you can help at all please do so.

We would like to be able to do a bit more such as travel to lobby or organise activities but we cannot without your help. Please give what you can and spread the word. 

As you may know we are having some influence where it matters and we will fight on regardless.


Dr Stephen Carty

Medical Adviser,

Black Triangle Campaign



2 thoughts on “Black Triangle Appeal

  1. After Atos says:

    Ok £50 coming your way. It has been a difficult year, but I will not let you fall.

    If anyone wants anything or anything to succeed I suggest you support those who are doing and laying down their lives to support you. We are all adults not children who look for parents to do it all for us. Therefore, we know things cost and must be paid for. A little from everyone would go long way. £1 per month from everyone would provide a significant support for Black Triangle and could supply so much and allow them to do lots more. Love that does not reach the pocket is not love.

    Counting the Disabled Back In – Because People Matter

  2. After Atos says:

    What are your running costs for the site per month? What is it to run it for another year?

    Give me the costs of the site hosting for the year and per month and I will see if I can cover those costs. Then you will be free.

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