AVAAZ PETITION – Stop stealing disabled peoples’ benefits!

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Why this is important

Many sick and disabled people throughout Europe are having their lives destroyed by the removal of their benefits. This is NOT about scrounging (official statistics suggest that accounts for just 2% of claims) and isn’t just about having to tighten our belts. This is about being left isolated, afraid and at risk, both physically and mentally. Far too many people have died; from the stress of the assessments and decisions alone, or from their consequences. The number of deaths is already in the thousands in the UK, according to an article in the online Daily Mirror (Penland and Sommerlad Investigate) http://blogs.mirror.co.uk/investigations/

In the UK, many senior figures have described the assessments carried out by ATOS Healthcare as ‘not fit for purpose’ but it is set to get much worse and criteria have already been quietly tightened.

I’m lucky. I’m disabled, but have worked all my life and even been able to contribute at a national level…only because my benefits made work and travel possible. I hate seeing younger disabled people dying or being rendered so helpless and vulnerable, while the wealthiest just get richer.

If you believe that 21st century society should be more civilised than this, please sign up now. On our own, we are too isolated from each other and too few to make our voices heard. Your signature could help save lives. PLEASE SIGN

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